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Marvin Vittori: 'I think I'm bad for Robert Whittaker'

Do not. Third-ranked middleweight contender Marvin Vittori has the chance to take on former champion Robert Whittaker in Saturday’s UFC Paris co-main event for the biggest win of his career.

Vettori admits that Whittaker is one of the top 185-pound fighters in the world, but he doesn’t think Reaper’s skills have improved in recent years.

“He’s definitely an experienced opponent, but I feel very, very confident,” Vitori said during UFC Paris Media Day. “I’m not underestimating him. I have a couple of aces that he wouldn’t have. He’s definitely very good, but having said that, he’s the same fighter he was a year ago. He’s the same fighter he was in the last fight. I’m not. I keep improving. I’m hungrier. I’m hitting the road. I don’t believe he is. That’s the biggest difference.”

Vettori not only thinks Whittaker is not improving and lacks hunger , who also thought he was a poor opponent for the former champion.

“I think my matchup is bad for him. My technique is perfect for me. The way I fight will exhaust him, or make him make mistakes, I will Take advantage of it,” Vittori said.

“He can’t fight me. He can’t fight me and be successful. He just can’t. He’ll try, if he wants to, I’m welcome, but he really can’t. I can I can do anything in that fight, and I’ll do it because at the end of the day it’s mixed martial arts.”

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