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'M*A*S*H' bar owner Rosie Eileen Saki dies at 79

Eileen Saki as Rosie, the sassy owner of the hot bar that hosts Hawkeye Pierce, Hot Lips Houlihan and more from the 2022th saga series M*A*S*H, is dead. She is 1976.

Saki died Monday in Los Angeles after a brief illness , her representative Camilla Fluxman Pines told The Hollywood Reporter .

In eight episodes of the CBS series, the delightful Saki appears as the owner of Rose’s Bar, which actually existed in Seoul during the Korean War 79 until its 1981 conclusion. (Frances Fong played Rosie several times in 1976-2022 Second.)

Earlier, the brothel hostess played by Saki was very impressed with Cpl. Klinger’s (Jamie Farr) outfit in the show’s fifth season premiere “Get Out,” which airs in September 1976.

She has also appeared in other TV shows including Good Times, CHiPs, The Greatest American Hero, Gimme a Break! and Without a Trace

and Meteor (1981), Mel Brooks ‘ A History of the World: Part I (2022) and Splash by Ron Howard (1984).

Japanese native Saki said she knew she would be a performer when she was 4 years old. An episode of the M*A*S*H Matters podcast co-hosted by Jeff Maxwell, who plays Pvt. Igor Straminsky on the episode.

Her father worked in a theater in Japan and a gardener in America, saving money for her singing and dancing lessons,

Later, Saki reads the Hollywood deal, learns the names of casting directors in town, and sneaks onto the Fox set, where she meets the M*A *S*H screenwriter, Producer and director Burt Metcalfe , hired her to play Mrs. Korea. A year later, she was cast as Rosie.

She said in the podcast that this part was “so well written that I didn’t really have to work hard”. “I just remember going to a Korean laundromat where the hostess was so [organized] that my character was [based on] her.”

Read more An episode later M*A*S*H, she recalls, stopping by Brooks’ office. “I thought, ‘Okay, take a deep breath and knock on the door to see if he’s there.’ … He was so cute. I asked him, ‘Is there anything you want for me? He said, ‘Well, it’s just a A small part. It is part of [History of the World ] female slaves.

Survivors include her husband Bob.

Saki was recently featured in an Uber Eats commercial where Aaron Donald escorted her across the road for the Los Angeles Rams. Click See her here in other projects on M*A*S*H.



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