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Mashle: Magic and Muscle ‒ Episode 6

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Mashle: Magic and muscle?

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mashle061©Hajime Komoto/SHUEISHA, MASHLE Committee

Well, I guess I’m in A bit confused in the last episode . The group of mini-bosses we glimpsed last week weren’t actually divine visionaries, but rather different teams from Lang’s quarters conspiring to take control of the group for their own magically elite ends. The gang is actually called the Magia Lupus, and I figured I’d side with Mash here to forgive my mistake: not only would I not prioritize keeping all this stupid Hogwarts lore % Straight, but the name of the team Sounds like something a middle school kid scribbled in his notebook thinking it was pretty cool. This episode is completely based on Ritual shakes to orgasm Been trading, featuring these garrots The wannabes herald their villainous schemes, while Mash sits on the other side of their wicked club trying to remember how the doors work. Finding out how Mash actually responds to these escalating acts of evil is what this episode is all about. Silva, the bully of the week here, is an unapologetic foe compared to the recruited rival Lance or the almost immediately integrated Dot. As Lance pointed out, this guy represents an opponent that Mash might not be able to get Saitama through with just one punch line. Until Marsh confronted Silva directly in this confrontation, we might have thought our lovable schmuck would be able to take his hit and go home, but Silva’s initial attack was actually strong enough to hit Marsh, which sells The level of possibility at hand is really threatening here. mashle061 mashle061 In hindsight, this makes Dortmund’s preparatory efforts all the more impressive. deep impression. Firmly proving that Dot isn’t anything close to an antagonist in this story, the man goes all out to prove those principles he stood up to last week. Besides trying to let us know that the girl who is actually manipulating him looks cool, he even chooses to take a blow from Marsh from Silva on the grounds that Marsh has nothing to do with the situation. Dott still believes he’s the central character of the story, even though he’s played by Silva and we know he’s just Matthew’s opening line. But it’s a nobler application of a self-centered belief system than Silva or even Lance in his original appearance. If you’re going to believe you’re the protagonist, you should at least try to be the hero. mashle061 mashle061 This is in line with the power-based Conflicting elitist beliefs are observed. They embody the ideal that strength and winning itself means justice, and they must be the central protagonists of this story because they are the only ones left. Matthew challenges the so-called order because although he ends up standing above them in his own power, it’s a power that exists outside of their calculations of digital faceline power levels and color-coded battle mage systems . It’s not that Marsh proves that anyone other than these elites can be powerful, but he’s proving that anyone can be powerful in a different way, if your society is built on a single superiority statistic against people On the basis of classification, it would be unbearable to have such diversification potential. It’s even shown in the stupid narration in this episode, like the flashbacks to Mash absolutely breaking the metric that decides the dorm Sort Solo Beast , it just has to guess which house a cream puff puncher like Matthew should be in. Here’s the main takeaway: Mash directly breaks the system. This is right to explore the theme of , which accompanies the simpler pleasures of the show Also beefing up. The climactic moment of Matthew’s fight with Silva is one of the animation’s high points so far, as the bully’s dialed menace level requires our boys and the visuals to make some of the most impressive moves to date . The scene where Matthew breaks through Silva’s Philosopher’s Stone has a sense of effort behind its rendering, which in turn sells the effort Matthew put in. It’s a fluidly animated sequence that culminates in a brilliantly rendered shot of Marsh rushing towards Silva, their faces reflected in the shattered debris, Silva talking about his powers and his place in the world. The idea of ​​status itself was shattered. mashle061 mashle061 This is just a little bit more serious about taking magical action before things get so complicated as usual. So we still get a laugh from Matthew casually handing a giant magical scorpion, or catching the magic-manipulating girl off guard and seeming to want a hug but instead confuses her. This is something that is simply solved by Matthew’s powers, but someone like Lance can still explain that this is just the beginning of a wider attack by Magia Lupus. Sure, they look creepy and ominous now, but their doors were pulled from their hinges by Matthew just like everyone else, so it might only be a matter of time before the engine of chaos fueled by the cream puffs forces them to reconsider their role in this narrative . Rating: mashle061mashle061 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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