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Mashle: Magic and Muscle – Episode 12

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Mashler: magic and muscle?

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© Hajime Komoto/Shueisha, MASHLE Committee as one of the series that has announced a second season , it’s my job to review this ending Much easier. Maybe it helps to take the pressure off of seeing this episode as a pause point in the confirmed backstory, or maybe this episode is a lot better than the past few episodes, but I can say I’m already here with The season-finalists had a lot of fun together. A lot of my worries about the plot setup at the end of the last episode were unfounded (look, I haven’t read the manga for the series and I don’t quite know where it’s going), things will find their way back Themes and more interesting concept hooks in a satisfying manner. I can say I’m excited for season two right now. mashle121 I even found myself having more fun with the long victory cheers that Marsh and friends have indulged in since last week. Marsh is a good boy, and he finds he has some good kids to befriend, and their determination to keep and defend Marsh’s magic-free secret by the end of the episode is further evidence of that. It took them a whole season to feel like acquaintances, but the ordeal Finn, Dott, and Lemon have been through during that time, and their understanding of just realizing Marsh’s situation, seems like an appropriate unifying element. People like Dot have fully understood that inborn magical powers can’t even get close to everything in this world, they just see the power of friendship change people like Abel and Abyss, so they know any kind of upheaval It’s all possible. It was an easy and silly start for Unity, but it was also the epitome of the unique social reform magic that Marsh might be able to work under the circumstances. mashle121

Thankfully, this theme is also present in the mayhem of Magic Boy Wars exist Quit before the season ends. The appearance of Cell Wars (did I mention how much I love the name in the show?) doesn’t cut hard into a whole new storyline, but more as a preview of what’s to come, while also Provides a path for future development. The characters of Abel and Abyss complete the arc of befriending the bad guys by their contractual obligations. There’s also a weakening of the scene’s irreverence and a more heartfelt turn. I was worried at one point that Abyss might not be able to make it out of this story, since I kind of like him, but once Cell Wars imposed a thirty-minute time limit to build the final segment of the story, I imagine he’d turn out just fine. mashle121 mashle121 They work best when they catalyze change from the status quo. the opinions of others. Maybe in the future he’ll get out of the cream puff stupidity and come to more conscious conclusions about how to change the world, but for now, he’s enough to shock other already entrenched systems into realizing that this system is Stupid , whatever Whether it’s the social constraints in the universe or the storytelling constraints, it’s all about following those rules. Abel’s preconceived notions are based not only on a misunderstanding of his mother’s call for empathy, but also on the assumption that innate strengths and abilities are destined to remain static and unbalanced. Only now he’s witnessed Matthew’s confrontation based on raw physical strength that can be quantified to a higher level through sheer effort. mashle121 This is a redemptive realization type element. Abel uses his second in the context of unexpectedly saving Marsh, which now actually means something, so I’m drawn to the spectacle of it being a big moment. The battle that actually takes place is mostly a teaser we’ll see, it doesn’t matter when Cell Wars returns with his presumed mini-boss squad, it still lands because it ties into Abel’s sense of priming . Empathy and his understanding maybe He can see Abyss as a tool rather than a friend (or more!). Hey, it also ends with a great joke in Cell Wars that pulls out some super magic reflective items that everyone is hyping up, even like us Knowing that Marsh will be able to kick right through. I don’t care that this is the same joke as the evil eye of the abyss, it’s a disregard for the silliest part of magic and teenage power storytelling was built for it and I find it fun every time. mashle121 Which means I feel bad for the show at the end of the season Satisfied, but also a lot of fun. The anime still looks cool in places (love the world-shattering effect of Cell Warfare’s retreat), and the final situation feels like enough of a change going into season two. Or it’ll be gibberish for the first five minutes of the premiere, or that’s the show’s brand. Mostly I’m glad after the last few episodes were so choppy, got to the end here and got on my feet again. Indeed, muscles can pass through any obstacle. mashle121 mashle121 Rating: mashle121

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