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Matt Corral's use of Patriots torn up by Panthers fans after second preseason game

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After an underwhelming preseason debut last week, Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Matt Corral didn’t have much in Friday’s 20-10 loss to the New England Patriots. Opportunities to showcase his skills. Coral went 9-for-15 for 11 yards and 15 in last week’s game against the Washington Commander 11 out of 9. He played the second and fourth quarters of Friday’s game at Gillette Stadium, while third-year backup PJ Walker played the first and third quarters, a decision made by head coach Matt Ruhler, Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold had a night off from their games. Quarterback game. While the idea of ​​two quarterbacks rotating quarterbacks sounds good in theory, it turns out that Bad for both Coral and Walker. Neither can get into a rhythm as Carolina’s offense struggles to move the ball. Throughout the game, fans and pundits slammed Ruhl for not committing to the rookie and for giving him a chance to develop in the absence of Mayfield and Darnold. Christian Audi @TheEpicAudi

Corral should play the rest of the game. He won’t be back until the 4th, but we all know what happened. PJ is auditioning for other teams. I still think it’s possible they could trade Sam before the preseason ends, but which team would take that deal? Maybe one.

Cameron @CABrafford
The Panthers general manager said on stream that Matt Corral needs more rep.

Meanwhile, PJ Walker is playing QB on the preseason field.



Rhule needs to give Corral more reps. Explain that he is not enough

Go DJ @iAmDJSmooth_

Matt Rhule didn’t put Matt Corral in any successful positions for two weeks in a row.

Why is Matt Rhule playing Pj walker instead of having Corral reps lmao Sir Kimble @SdotKimble

Dear Coach Rhule, don’t play Walker, play Corral. Not difficult.

🅿️Anther Culture🥷🏽👨🏽‍🍳 @PanthersCulture I’d rather start Matt Coral tonight – because Ruhl has this extra goofy relationship with Sam Darnold.

Prime Time Carolina Podcast @primetimecar

Matt Rhule wants to turn Matt Corral into David Carr, it’s too bad

Quain🎤 🚀🚀🚀 @kwarninthemorn

Rhule’s treatment of Corral Reminds me of how Borrego treats LaMelo 😔

Coral turned his head in the opening, making quick decisions and clear passes. The race ended in a punt, but it was enough to impress the critics. His second drive was interrupted as receiver Stephen Sullivan fumbled after a short finish.

Jeremy Egg @CarolinaHuddle

The corral exudes some rookie Russ Wilson vibes to me. Good long ball, elusive, fast pitch. There are many that can be used.

Rookie @corral_matt looks early 🎯

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Matt Corral with his legs 🏃‍♂️💨

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Joe Person@josephperson

Matt Coral has surpassed his completion total from last week.

Jeremy Egg @CarolinaHuddle
The corral looks like he belongs.

A big improvement from last week. Of course, he also played with better players. David Newton@DNewtonespn

Another nice third drop by Matt Corral.

Christopher [email protected] It was a big throw from Matt Corral, either a turnover or an incomplete pass. By the end of the season, Coral may be the best QB on Carolina’s roster. KenboSlicee @KennyRamsey22

I’ve seen enough from Matt Coral to get him over PJ & Darnold.

Coral had a great opportunity to show his skills with a two-minute drive, but his first pass was nearly intercepted by Patriots linebacker Mike Wilson. Coral completed the pass on the third drop, but measured just inches from the mark on the first drop.

The Panthers chose to punt instead of going deep into their own territory. Coral finished the quarter on 6-of-10 shooting for 28 yards. Fans turned to him briefly as he faltered in the final game of the season.

Alex Barth @RealAlexBarth

Mike Wilson kept reading Matt Corral in that article. If he can catch the ball, he’ll get a walk-in six.

Joe Dolan@FG_Dolan

Matt Corral has played a few games so far.

EDC #1 @pastliferec

I went to the Golden Corral today and now I’m watching Matt Corral. Gold corrals are better.

DJszn @PutridLobster
Black Panther fans watch Matt Corral. 💀💀💀 Daringantt @daringantt

Matt Corral ended the first half on one knee. He made 6 of 10 shots for 28 yards passing.

Some flickering, still in progress.

The fourth quarter was rather lacklustre, with Coral’s first two drives ending in a punt after minimal gains. He successfully completed 3 passes beyond 30 yards, but he was later ruled out with a foot injury.

Walker was plugged in with less than two minutes left and he was dismissed at his own end in the drive that followed. Area. The Patriots recovered from a touchdown miss. Walker ended the game with an interception a few games later.

Due to some questionable coaching decisions, Coral didn’t have the proper opportunity to get used to life in the NFL. Friday’s game is a great opportunity for the third-round pick to get some serious minutes on Mayfield and Darnold’s lineup. The Panthers have to hope Coral’s foot injury isn’t too serious, because obviously, his Development has been hampered by Rhule’s failure to give him a real chance.



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