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Matthew Fox on why he retired from action series 'Last Light': 'It's good to be back'

Matthew Fox made a mental checklist of everything he wanted to accomplish in his career, and once every gig was crossed out, he decided to “leave The business of storytelling.”

Fox has starred in two hits in Party of Five

TV shows

and are missing, leading a series of feature films, performed in Westerns and flew across the Atlantic to stage plays in London’s West End. Bucket list implementation. So, in 2015, the actor retired and took Looks like the final bow of back to back movies Bone Tomahawk and Extinction in Before settling in Oregon with his wife and two children.

Not so fast. Another small-screen challenge soon came to light. “One of the things I’ve never done is executive produce, and it’s kind of like, you know, that bothers me a bit, man, I really wonder what it’s going to feel like besides being involved in more aspects of the story just what I’m portraying role,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter . “So we took the leap.”

Matthew Fox in an episode of Last Light . Courtesy of MGM Television/NBCU/ Peacock

This jump is from Last Light, a limited series that will debut on Peacock on September 8. it casts 08-year-old Fox plays a character his die-hard fans will instantly recognize – a nice guy who gets into a really bad situation. This one has implications not only for the fate of the world, but for his family as well, by Joanne Froggatt , Alyth Ross and Taylor Fay.

Fox plays Andy Yeats, a petrochemist who discovers pressing problems with the world’s oil supply while traveling in the Middle East. With his worst fears coming true and his family separated, Yeats has no choice but to track down the international mystery amid the chaos the issue has created while his family fights for survival. The series is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by prolific scribe Alex Scarrow.

, this beautiful family unit separated by crisis and trying to reunite and reunite,” Fox explained, adding that he is also keen to work with the entertainment company on the job 78Manager and Producer Bill Choi. “He’s just become a very close and good friend, and the opportunity to collaborate creatively to put our fingerprints on a story like this and shoot in a lot of different locations is also very appealing. ”

About these locations, produced by Last Light led by director Team Dennie Gordon directed all five episodes, posted in Prague, Paris and Abu Dhabi. As first-time executive producer People, Fox and the team have the job done for them as the series is forced to survive COVID- 19 Pandemic and its multiple locations – and its leaders contracted the virus in the process.

“We had someone sick and I got Covid-19 while filming in Prague, and it took us off for a few days,” Fox revealed, adding that the production team was “absolutely unbelievable” to keep the train on track superior. The EP list also includes Gordon, Choi, Sydney Gallonde, Rikke Ennis, Patrick Renault, Diego Piasek, Patrick Massett and John Zinman. “They’re mobile, adaptable, able to change their schedules and find ways to move things around so they don’t hurt us. It’s a huge challenge. Dennie Gordon is a force of nature.”

She is also an old friend. A day before Gordon went on to become one of the most high-profile female TV directors in the industry, the duo made their first collaboration on Party of Five . Including For All Mankind, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Goliath, Warrior, Waco, Kingdom, Burn Notice and Upcoming from scratch .

“He’s always been our go-to for the role,” Gordon explained, adding that while they share roots in the Fox series, they lost touch over the years . “I think, we haven’t seen each other, 00019 years or something. His kids are grown up and I know they’re still babies. The time has passed.”

She thinks Mi Laura Ball, president of GM Television Productions, orchestrated his participation. “Matthew has this innate quality that shows on screen, a man of morality, a man of heroism in his soul. It’s very important because for an epic journey it takes mastery In the hands of men of that quality.”

Joanne Froggatt as Elena Yeats, Taylor Fay as her son and Samir Boitard as the boy’s ophthalmologist. by MGM Television / Provided by NBCU/Peacock

Gordon says she’s in action Saw it: “We’re shooting a scene where he’s on a horse and an 8-year-old boy [Taylor Fay] is playing with his kids. Luckily, Matthew is a great equestrian, and this horse is known for that Stuck in a weird way that caused them all to fall. Matthew was able to support Tyler all the way and cushion his fall. It was this slow motion accident, but no one was hurt. He never stopped surprising me. Working with him It was enjoyable, and he had a great instrument. I was lucky enough to play a little in the orchestra.”

Froggatt was equally complimented. “I’ve obviously enjoyed a lot of Matthew’s work over the years, he’s really been incredible, not just as an actor but as an executive producer. It’s not an honorable role for him,” Downton Abbey star said. “He really cared about every element of the shoot and every element of the script. He supported us all and gave us the freedom to fully collaborate. Matthew has said to all of us from the beginning that if there is anything we want to change To make it even better, ‘Let’s find it. That’s where he set the bar from the start. You lead from the top and he’s done such a great job making us feel like we can create together in such a safe space This world.”

This is a world moment in dialogue with the present. Last Light tells an urgent storyline involving the global climate crisis that Gordon believes really speaks to him in a way he can’t deny it. “He’s waiting for some information, and if he’s going to leave the family, it will be worth his time. It has to be something powerful.”


) Matthew Fox and Taylor Fay, playing his son. by MGM Television / Provided by NBCU/Peacock

That’s not to say that It’s easy. “I had this conversation with my partner Bill Choi, and we seriously realized that filmmaking is all about solving problems from morning to night. All you do is hit obstacles and figure out how to get around them and keep telling the story. ,”He says. “Some of these obstacles are so strong that you have to spontaneously loosen up and be able to move in a direction that actually makes the story better. You have to be open to that and not focus entirely on one version of events, because you have to be prepared to move laterally.”

While Fox declined to say whether he would be involved in a potential Last Light other seasons of the franchise, but he is keen to talk about what the future holds.

“I have this quote and I’m sure it’s been used a thousand times, but for me a collaborative experience like this is the most important when the whole is greater than the parts Time is best. There is no doubt that the Last Light experience has been a success in that regard,” explains Fox. “I can’t say too much. It was an incredible experience and it really rekindled my enthusiasm for the whole experience. I wanted to try to find the right projects and the right people to work with, and I hope to do that. “

He paused, then smiled. “It’s good to be back.”

Matthew Fox as Andy Yeats, one of the world’s leading petrochemical engineers. by MGM Television / Provided by NBCU/Peacock


Amber Rose Revah as Mika Bakhash and Matthew Fox as Andy Yeats. by MGM Television / Provided by NBCU/Peacock


Hakim Joma as Khalil Al Qahtani, head of the oil company, and Matthew Fox as Andy Yeats. by MGM Television / Provided by NBCU/Peacock



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