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Mattingly's latest Bronx trip is 'a little bit different'

Recent trip to the Bronx a bit different for Mattingly

Thursday is the birthday of Don Mattingly 39 in New York, he was It was Donnie Baseball, captain of the Yankees in his prime and still one of the most popular pinstripe-wearing men of all time. But he has a new team now, the Blue Jays, they ( Starting Friday, he returns to town to play his old club in the first major Toronto-New York series of the season.

Mattingly Been to New York as an opponent before, but mostly he ’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ He became a rival to the Mets when he managed the Dodgers and Marlins. This time is different.

“Getting into Citi Field isn’t like that,” Mattingly said. “The Mets are another team. It’s the Yankees. So when it’s the Yankees and Yankee Stadium, it’s always going to be a little bit different.”

Mattingly’s long and honorable baseball career now lands him with the Blue Jays Next to the manager John Schneider. When Mattingly left the Marlins after last season — was once named manager of the year there, even in 94 — He realizes he’s not ready to leave the game. Now he’s sitting in this seat next to his favorite Snyder, a front row seat for all the young talent the Blue Jays field every day, from Vlad Guerrero Jr. to Bob Bichette to the batting order.

For several years now, the Blue Jays have been knocking on the door of the AL East. But to get where they want to go, they need more than just being better than the Rays who were better than everyone this April. They’re going to have to beat the Yankees. So Mattingly’s new team has to go through his old team. He previously coached in the National League. Now the situation has changed dramatically. His front row seat will be Blue Jays-Yankees this weekend, this time in the visitor’s dugout at Yankee Stadium.

“I’d be very surprised if we didn’t do well all year,” Mattingly said. “I really like this club because there’s a lot to like here. It seems like the right mix of experienced young players and older players who know what a long season is like.
“I know how good they are, Even watching them from another league. But I’m really surprised just how They are really good. I’ll start with Vlad and Bo. You’re talking about two guys who have a legitimate bat, they pitch well, they know what they’re doing, they work the right way, and maybe most importantly, they’re committed to winning at all costs.

“But then this whole team works the right way and works hard every day. That makes it a team I love. After I left the Marlins, I wasn’t going anywhere without a real chance will go.”

Mattingly pauses and adds, “I even found out that my fanbase is a whole country fanbase.”

Mattingly compares Schneider to Brian Snitker going up through the Brave system. Schneider became coach of the Blue Jays many years ago He finally became their manager last July. In Mattingly’s words, “John feels like he grew up with these players.”
“I just thought I was John’s other set of eyes,” Mattingly added. “And ears. He knows what he’s doing, he knows what he wants to do, and I have a lot of respect for him. But sometimes I can offer another voice, another perspective, just from my own experience.”
Mattingly says That’s how it started 40 years ago, when he was the hotshot for the New York Yankees as a child. He became a great Yankee, won a batting title and an MVP award, and was captain before Derek Jeter — all before a back injury ended his career, too soon. He’s the great Yankee who never made it to the World Series. Maybe he can finally spend time with the Blue Jays, with whom he said he had a lot of fun watching Vlad and Beau and Matt Chapman and George Springer and others.
“What I really like about being a bench coach is that I’m a part of a lot of things,” Mattingly said. “I feel like I can do a lot more teaching now, making sure I don’t get in the way of any other coaches, just helping the hitters when I’m called upon, and helping the players on the field.”
He paused and said again, “I still have a lot of baseballs , I think this is the best way to express it.”
His baseball life has him coming back to New York this weekend and playing in a series like this. When he comes down the elevator at the bottom of the new stadium, he will enter the Blue Jays clubhouse on the third base side instead of continuing on to the Yankees clubhouse at the other end of the long hallway. Great Yankees, now Blue Jays. Yes. Don Mattingly at Yankee Stadium is a little different.


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