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Mayo Clinic and Mercy collaborate on 10-year big data initiative

Mayo Clinic and Mercy announced this week what they call a “first-of-its-kind alliance” between the two leading IT and informatics pioneers.

Why it matters
10 years The agreement will allow Mayo and Mercy to focus on data science to improve patient outcomes, leveraging the vast amount of unidentified patient data each organization has accumulated over the past decade to help detect disease earlier and enable more effective interventions.

Leaders from both health systems said early plans were to focus on information collaboration and algorithm development and validation.

They will use a distributed data network so that Mayo and Mercy will not need to extract or transfer any data between them. Instead, each organization will retain control of its data outcomes throughout the process.

The goal is to help data scientists analyze effective disease treatment and prevention patterns based on long-term data reviews.

Machine learning models and artificial intelligence algorithms from this research will help point to proven treatment paths based on years of patient outcomes, and this evidence can ultimately be provided to help other providers They provide more proactive and predictive care.

“This unique collaboration will bring together data and human expertise in a new collaborative way to remove barriers to healthcare innovation,” Mayo Clinic Platform President Dr. John Halamka said in a statement. said in a statement. “By working together, we will be able to find the best ways to treat and diagnose patients around the world. Our union has the potential to transform medicine around the world.”

While both Mayo and Mercy are long-time leaders in information technology and data science, But officials say each has amassed massive datasets since first rolling out their EHR systems, and only recently has been able to analyze them effectively. Identify patterns in aggregated data for earlier detection and better treatment selection.

Mayo’s expertise in highly complex care and its powerful cloud platform, along with Mercy’s more than 500 million unidentified patient encounters, will present tremendous opportunities for more sophisticated algorithms . The different populations and geographic regions of the two health systems will help reduce model bias and improve accuracy, leading to stronger treatment recommendations.

Mayo Clinic has been busy on the AI ​​frontier lately. Last October, it helped launch a new collaboration dedicated to the responsible deployment of machine learning algorithms with Duke University and other institutions. In March, the AI ​​startup initiative Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate was announced. In May, researchers at the Mayo Clinic published a study showing how artificial intelligence could help identify patients at higher risk for stroke.

on record
“Pass Together, Mayo and Mercy can accelerate predictions and diagnoses and deliver better patient care, experiences and outcomes while ultimately saving more lives,” said Steve Mackin, President and CEO of Mercy.

“We also hope to co-innovate in other patient-centric areas, including precision medicine, transplant care, complex cancer, cardiovascular, neuroscience and more,” he said. “We have an opportunity to do something for the greater good together, to be proactive and transform healthcare for patients around the world.”

“This provides physicians, providers and operational leaders Critical information that ensures patients receive the right treatment at the right time, based on millions of previous patient outcomes, while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs,” added Dr. John Mohart, cardiologist and president of Mercy Communities.



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