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Mayo Clinic Minutes: Tips for Dealing with Dandruff

“When someone sees a primary care provider or a dermatologist about dandruff, we need to do a scalp exam.”

There are two common causes of dandruff flakes on the scalp, says Mayo Clinic dermatologist Dr. Dawn Davis.

“We can simply distinguish whether a patient has overactive oil glands that dry and dehydrate causing scaling and flaking, or both.”

You can treat both types of dandruff with special shampoos that contain active ingredients designed to reduce irritation and hydrate the scalp.

“Be careful and pay attention to how you use your shampoo.” Most anti-dandruff shampoos need to be left on the scalp for more than 5 minutes, says Dr. Davis.

“The shampoo has a sediment that, once applied, takes a few minutes to separate itself out, allowing it to remain active on the skin.”

Dr. Davis says anti-dandruff routines can become less effective over time, so for best results, she recommends rotating between up to three containing different actives Ingredients for shampoo. “

For the Mayo Clinic News Network, I’m Jeff Olson.

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