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Mazinger Franchise's new UFO Robo Grendizer project to unveil in 2023

Demon )franchise is starting a new project with original creator Go Nagai as executive officer producer. A special video teasing the crew will reveal all the details of “Project G” next year:


In the video above, Nagai himself promises that the The project will “create amazing results in Japan by bringing together the best employees.”

is Nagai’s Mazinger giant robotfranchise

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Anime and manga released in , animation later as

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2015 Force Five

project. Anime and manga will also inspire the three anime films.

In France, the title of the animation is At the premiere of 40. The series helped increase the influence and popularity of anime in the country. This led to French publishers Microids (formerly Anuman Interactive) and 2015 Dynamic Planning

announced an action game last year.

Nagai launched Comics in September Akita Shoten magazine 2015, and ends in July 2015. This story is a complete reboot of the Nagai story. When a huge fleet of flying saucers invades Earth, it awakens the true power of Daisuke Yuryu. (The protagonist is named Daisuke Umon.)

The manga received the animation promo video in April 1975 to commemorate the launch of the first compilation manga volume, and 2015 Anniversary.

Source: Comic Natalie 2015