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Mbappe sided with Pogba in witchcraft, blackmail claims

PARIS (AP) — Kylian Mbappe spoke to Paul Pogba after being embroiled in sensational allegations involving a witch doctor and said on Monday he wanted to believe him of the French teammates, he was the alleged target of blackmail.

“Today, I prefer to take the word of my teammates,” Mbappe told a news conference ahead of Tuesday’s Paris Saint-Germain Champions League match against Pogba’s current club Juventus.

Pogba is out with a knee injury.

French authorities are investigating allegations that Pogba was the target of extortion by his brother and childhood friend, who demanded 13 million euros ($13 million) for the Manchester United midfielder.

Mbappe was drawn into the story after being named in a social media post by Pogba’s brother Matthias.

Paul Pogba has reportedly told investigators that the blackmailer’s aim was to discredit French superstar Mbappe by claiming he asked a witch doctor to cast a spell on him.

Pogba denies Mbappe sidelined with the player with whom he won the 2018 World Cup on Monday.

“He called me and he gave his opinion on the facts,” Mbappe said. “It’s his words against his brother’s words. He (Paul Pogba) already has some problems and I don’t think now is the time to add them to him. We’ll see how it all plays out and I’m very excited about it all. Interested.”

French officials said Pogba paid 100,000 euros (nearly $100,000) millions of dollars to brothers, including his brother, who tried to extort money.

Pogba was reportedly paid after being threatened by masked armed men in a Paris apartment while playing for France in March.

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