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Me & Roboco Anime Shorts Reveal Staff, Premieres December 4th

these years285 Shueisha magazine issue 3 revealed on Monday that a TV anime based on ) Palace Saki Hayao ‘s () The manga will be released on December 4th at Premiere: (December 5 at : am) on TV TOKYO and its affiliated channels. Each episode will be five minutes long.

The magazine also revealed the show’s staff. Autaro Dadi (2001 , , ) is directing animation at Studio Gallop. Michihiro Sato serves as the assistant director, and Xiaobai Xiaobaili supervises the series script. Ebara Yuko is designing characters, Sato Yoshihiro is designing character props , and Manami Koyama is the art director. Other staff members include Ayami Minowa as a chroma key designer, Rena Tanimoto as DP, Masafumi Kajino as editor, Kazuya Tanaka as a sound director.

This issue also revealed the visuals for the series (ANN will update this article when the visuals go live).

MANGA Plus by Shueisha Both the service and Viz Media publish the manga in an English digital version at the same time as the Japanese version. Viz Media also began releasing the manga in digital form in October and described the story:

In a world where most households have a cute maid robot, the average schoolboy Bondo wishes to have one of his own. But the wacky robots that appear are anything but average!

Hayao Miyazaki’s manga in July 750. Shueisha published the seventh volume on March 4 and the eighth volume on June 3. 190095

UPDATE: Added key visuals from anime’s twitter account.

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