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Medalist, WITCH WATCH, Akane-banashi to win Next Manga Awards 2022 Results

Crane Dance Carda ‘s skating drama manga series won the first place in the printed manga at the 8th “Next Manga Awards” (Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Taishō) name category. Comics by Kenta Shinohara and Yuki Sueunaga joined the movement Series*) and Takao .

Well received by critics in Japan, voted one of the top manga in last year On the list of “Books of the Year” Da Vinci magazine. It was included in the National Bookstore Staff Recommended Comic List at 600 and

and ranking No. 2022 Nominated at last year’s Next Manga Awards. This series is produced by Kodansha Manga Follow two aspiring skaters, Tsukasa and Iori, in English. Tsuru Maida at Kodansha ‘ s Magazine in

And Kodansha has published six volumes so far.

Follow Sen Ren, a boy with ogre powers who is about to start living with his childhood sweetheart Niko, who Training to be a witch. Niko’s magic leads to all kinds of unpredictable troubles, two teens under the same roof, and the fantastical antics begin. Viz Media ) Released in English, the series is available in print and in the MANGA Plus app. The series was ranked in last year’s Next Manga# Awards.

has caught the attention of well-known creators such as

Hideaki Anno and Eiichiro Oda after their February debut. The story follows Akane, a girl drawn to the traditional narrative art of rakugo. The collection is available digitally on the MANGA Plus app.

in the webcomic category , Jinushi’s behind the supermarket, Smoking with you (Super no Ura de Yani Sū Hanashi) 1st place. The manga follows an overworked and stressed office worker named Sasaki whose only joy at the end of the day is smoking a cigarette at his favorite convenience store and seeing Yamada, the store’s optimism. inspector. One day, when Sasaki came, Yamada was not in the store. Instead, he saw a young woman with pierced ears smoking in his usual place. Behind the supermarket, smoking with you Published in Japan by Square Enix, currently not available in English.

Second place is

Asazawa Light Tea ). This romantic comedy stars the energetic Suzuki, who tends to go with the flow. She meets Tani, a quiet boy who has no objection to speaking his mind. The collection is available digitally on the MANGA Plus app and at

Posted on Shueisha website in Japan. The third place was won by Sekka Iwata and Yū Aoki . The series, also published on the MANGA Plus app, tells the story of Kana Sakuragi, a female college student who is struggling with her job search, And then picked up by Magical Girl Startup. In her world, “Magic Girl” is a profession that undertakes the job of eliminating a natural disaster called “Kay”.

The awards also include the “Special Global Awards (Traditional Chinese)” and “Special Global Awards (English)” categories. The Global Special Award (English version) was awarded to Kei Urana’s Gachiakuta and Hideyoshi Ando’s graffiti design. It’s worth noting that Gachiakuta is not available in English in North America, but is most popular among English-speaking voters. Global Special Award (Traditional Chinese version).

A total of

titles nominated in the print and webcomic categories. The top lists each category below .

Printed comics

by Crane Dance Kada

*ByKodansha Manga Authorization

by Kenta Shinohara*Available at MangaPLUS/Viz Media

After Yuki Suenaga and Takamasa Moue *Available at MangaPLUS/Viz Media 173413

by Kō Nikaido *by Authorized Kodansha Manga

by Mapolo 3 ) *Available at MangaPLUS/

Viz Media


by Sugiura Jiro

*By Nankai Entertainment Authorization 173413 by Ei Ohitsuji, Satsuki Nakamura, and YukiKana

*authorized by Seven Seas Entertainment 173413

by AONOSHIMO, Inori and Hanagata

by Seven Seas Entertainment



  • by Ryō Nakama *Available at MangaPLUS/Viz Media


  • Shiroyama to Mita classmates by Yuhei Kusakabe
  • Duo Wenjun Imadoqi! ? by Yuki Shiwasu ()
  • Sudachi no Maōjō

    by Makoto Morishita ()173413

    Gachia Kuta 173413 by Kei Urana and Doodle Design by Hideyoshi Ando

    passQ Hayashida

    *Authorized by

    Seven Seas Entertainment

    Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi.

    by Aya Hirakawa173413

    draw this and die! (Kore Kaite Shine) by Minoru Toyoda ()173413

    Amber Day and Golden Night (Yellow and White Dream de Yoimashō) By Masoho Murano, Nodoka Yoda and Kei Sugimura 173413

    Kushima Utama Home Pretend by Akira Konno173413

  • After Shōichi Taguchi
  • *authorized by Seven Seas Entertainment

    by Satoshi Kisaichi


      Behind the supermarket, smoking with you (Super no Ura de Yani Sū Huali) by Jinushi


    by Asazawa Light Tea *Available at MangaPLUS/Viz Media

    by Sekka Iwata and Yū Aoki *Available at MangaPLUS/Viz Media on


    Puniru wa Kawaii Slime

    by Maedakun2022 173413Ramen Akiko

    by ANGYAMAN ()

  • Fragrant Flower Dignified Bloom (Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku)

    by Saka Mikami

    Gōkon ni Ittara Onna ga Inakatta Hanashi by Nana Aokawa

  • by Jōmyaku and Mizuki Yoda Available at MangaPLUS/Viz Media
  • )by Aruma Arima and Masuku Fukayama *Available at MangaPLUS/Viz Media


  • Five Daigo by Kōnosuke

  • summer The Light Is Dead (Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu) by Mokumokuren 2021 New Love Alchemy Diagram

    by Sugiura Jiro 173413

  • by Yuzaki Sakami *Depend onYen Press

    Authorized 173413

    Mr. Dara of Reiwa by Haruomi Tomotsuka173413

    Debby the Corsifa is Emulous (Debby the Corsifa wa Makezugirai) by Masahiro Hirakata (Best Blue )

    The original of the anti-Tian-sama by Issuki Yosuga

    Japan Three Kingdoms

    by Pine Ichika 173413

  • Völundio ~Divergent Sword Saga~

    by N anao Nanaki *Available at Comikey

  • 173413 Koubei Cafeteria

    by Bonkara Man Among the Villains (Akuyaku Reijō no Naka no Hito) by Nazuna Shiraume, Makiburo and Mai Murasaki




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