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Mediatoon France acquires global rights to Edens Zero anime season 2

edenszero©Mashima ヒロ/Kodansha・NTVThe The TVKids news site of the World Screen publication reported on Friday that the French Mediatoon Distribution has won TV animation second Season’s global distribution rights)


    Mediatoon Distribution is the French version of the distributor Anime title, such as , , , . The company also has five in-house studios: Belvision, Dargaud Media, Dupuis Audiovisuel, Ellipsanime and Storimages.

    second season will be held on April 1 at Premiere: (Valid April 2 day12:25 AM OR APRIL 1 400 : 11 Eastern Time) at NTV and its affiliates.

    New cast members for this season include:

        Yatsudai Zhuo as Laguna

            Dajiu Rumei as Sylph

            Toshiki Masuda as Fie

          • Jinggang Jun As the earth

            • Takanori Nishikawa
          • Performs the second season opening theme song “Never say Never”. ASCA sang the ending theme song “Rinne” (Reincarnation Cycle).

            Season 1 premiered in Japan in April 2021, and aired episodes. The show began streaming on Netflix outside of Japan in August25.

              Shinji Ishihara (, ) is from the first season of JC Staff​​ General Director, and Yūshi Suzuki (Season 3 episode director) directed this season. Suzuki passed away on September 9th, 2018. Mitsutaka Hirota (, ) supervised and wrote the script for the series, and Yurika Sako (key animation) Design animation characters.

                Hiro Mashima (, ) published comics in June

                  25. Kodansha USA Publishing publishes comics in English in both digital and print form. Company Introduction Story: 188734 In Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned Amusement Park, Shiki lived his life in the machine. But one day, Rebecca and her cat pal Happy show up at the park’s front gate. Little did these newcomers know, this was Granbell’s first contact with humans in a hundred years! As Shiki makes new friends, his former neighbors take the opportunity to start a robot rebellion…and when his hometown becomes too dangerous, Shiki must escape into the endless universe with Rebecca and Happy in their spaceship middle. This manga also inspired a 3D action RPG for consoles game, and a top-down role-playing game for mobile devices. Konami is developing the game.

    Source: World Screen’s TVKids

    188734 2021



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