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Medicube Age-R Booster H Review: All About the K-beauty Radiance Device That Helps Active Ingredients Better Penetrate the Skin

There were a few predictable products in Hailey Bieber’s latest “skin prep for a shoot day” TikTok GRWM—a sheet mask, her recently-launched Glazing Milk, and the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment. Sandwiched in between though, was a hi-tech device that made this beauty editor do a double take. “Is that the Medicube Age-R Booster-H?” I said aloud. Shortly thereafter; it was a confirmed yes.

I was first introduced to the device when I asked dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engleman to detail her actual skin-care routine. “I love the Medicube Age-R Booster-H,” she told me. “I use it nightly for five minutes all over my face. Super easy, painless, and efficient.” Bieber and Engelman, without a doubt, are two women known industry-wide for their knowledge about great skin. If they swear by the device, I knew I had to get my hands on it to see what the hype was about. Below, everything you need to know about the Medicube Booster-H where I find out if it’s really worth it.

About the Medicube Age-R Booster-H

Medicube, the K-beauty brand specializing in solution-driven topicals and devices to treat any skin concern, describes the Age-R Booster-H as a sort of “radiance device,” that aims to give your skin an at-home glow-boost without needles or downtime. But how does it work? “The Medicube Age-R Booster-H works by generating electro-passageways through electrical stimulation, allowing your products to penetrate the skin more deeply,” Engleman explains. “According to clinical studies by the brand, this device increases skin permeability by 490%, allowing for better product absorption, amplifying the benefits of your skin care, and helping skin become healthier and more glowy.”

By helping your skin-care products absorb into the skin, Medicube details improved skin texture, brightness, elasticity, and glossiness (plus reduced redness) as expected results of the treatment. Per Medicube, this tool aids ingredient absorption for 24 hours after each use and enhances overall skin health, radiance, and elasticity over time with continuous use.

How to Use the Medicube Age-R Booster-H

This device is designed to be used in the middle of your actual skin-care regimen, as Bieber depicted in her TikTok. “After cleansing the face, you can apply your favorite skin-care product all over the surface of the skin, select your method of choice, and use the device until your [product] is completely absorbed,” says Engelman.

The method Engleman refers to is essentially how you will massage the product into the skin—just choose your technique based on your skin-care goals. The boosting method (massaging the device in a downward sliding motion) can be used with a lightweight, hydrating serum to improve skin radiance and elasticity. The watering method (drawing the device in a circular motion) can be paired with, say, a hyaluronic acid serum to boost skin’s hydration levels. The focus method (pressing the device to specific areas of the face) is a targeted approach, working with high-concentration actives like AHA and BHAs to address enlarged pores or pigmentation concerns. Particularly if you have sensitive skin, Medicube recommends doing a patch test on your potent topical treatments first before pairing them with the Booster-H.

Once you determine your massage technique, all that’s left is to pick your intensity level—one being the lowest and five being the highest. Starting is as simple as pressing the on/off button. The device is set with a five-minute usage time, and can be used one to three times per day. “By using this device just five minutes a day, depending on your skin type and the product you are pairing with the device, you can see results in as little as two weeks,” Engelman notes. The Medicube Booster-H is safe for all skin types, just avoid the Adam’s apple and areas that have undergone surgical procedures.

Products to Pair With the Medicube Age-R Booster H

Simply put, you can use whatever products you want with the Booster H—whether that’s your everyday face serum or that item you’ve been wanting to try. To give your vitamin C serum a boost, consider options by SkinCeuticals or La Roche-Posay that have proven to be effective. For skin barrier repair, look no further than La Mer’s concentrate. Or, to improve the look of dark spots and brighten your visage, serums Sunday Riley and Origins are excellent choices. Enlarged pores don’t stand a chance against Glow Recipe’s blemish-controlling elixir, while skin gets a hydration boost by Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid or Dr. Barbara Sturm’s silky hyaluronic acid. 

La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10

Sunday Riley B3 Nice 10% Niacinamide Serum

Glow Recipe Strawberry Smooth BHA + AHA Salicylic Acid Serum

Origins GinZing Into the Glow Brightening Serum

Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

Who Should Use the Medicube Age-R Booster H?

“I recommend this device to anyone who wants to amp up the effects of their skin care formulations and target specific skincare concerns,” says Engelman.

My Experience With the Medicube Age-R Booster-H

Armed with all of this helpful information, I was ready to give the tool a test. (Eagerly, might I add. I absolutely love using a beauty tool, and will try anything once.) In my experience with the device, the tool is incredibly simple to use. Post-cleanser and toner, I massaged my serum of choice; I started with the lowest intensity level and slowly started working my way up as I became more comfortable with the device. (Level three was my sweet spot, for what it’s worth.) The treatment is relatively painless; I experienced a tingling and twitching sensation comparable to that of a microcurrent device. Once all of my product was absorbed into my skin (or once the five minutes were up), I’d continue with eye cream and moisturizer as usual.

Is the Medicube Age-R Booster-H Worth It?

I decided to use the tool whenever I did my skin-care routine—typically just morning and night, but sometimes I snuck in a third midday treatment for fun. After each use, my skin just felt better—firmer, smoother, and more radiant, like I just received a stellar facial. I did notice reduced pore size, too—aiding my journey to clarified, glass skin. Though I need more time to experience the full results of the device, I like knowing that it’s only boosting the ingredients I was already using with minimal effort and time.



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