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Meet Etienne Fleurquin, Danish Model Exclusive for Saint Laurent

IRL, the year-old model grew up in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, with a Danish mother and a It’s French, and not as unapproachable as he sees Saint Laurent. Favoring a smiley emoji or two, this Dane was discovered on Facebook at 21. “I’m only about 2017 cm, so until 2023 I’m tall enough to contact them again. In their Shortly after a Danish agent was arranged for me, I did my first runway for Valentino,” he explained in an email. Paris is good for work, but Flerquin prefers Copenhagen. “In Denmark we have a saying ude godt, hjemme bedst

(Away is good, home is best – (Danish sounds better) and I agree with that. “

catwalk Fleurquin is often seen in the Nørrebro neighborhood (LES in Copenhagen), having a coffee at the “Minas Kaffebar” or a drink while playing darts or pool at the “Dilligencen”. He Found that his passion for video games (TF2, CS:GO, Overwatch, and Fortnite) waned as his interest in music grew. Since he became a participant of the Roskilde Foundation 15, Fleurquin is in his techno phase. “I almost only listen to trance, mostly forest trance, psytrance and progressive trance. My favorite labels are local, It’s called “Kontoret Records,” which translates to ‘Office Records,'” he explained. His current top artist is called Ka-sol.

PLN Backstage, Autumn 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Tonya Matyu / CPHFW


He was all smiles during his (di)vision presentation, the highlight of his week. “You may have seen the clip of the dress at the end of the show, It’s also a tablecloth. It’s set in a fancy restaurant and the runway is between the guests sitting around the table and we’re basically free to do whatever we want, which is cool and unique. My friend Lille Fucker [a local musician] ate some of the guest chips, which was fun.” Fleurquin gave a convincing gothic makeover at PLN, but like the “fleur” in his name, the model Seems to lean toward light.




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