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Meet Miss Ronny, the creative force behind Eastwind Bay, Jamaica

Ronnie’s Place isn’t quite a boutique hotel, but it’s not quite a personal design project either, and like many of the hotels in Port Antonio, Jamaica, it’s somewhere in between. You might find yourself wondering if you’re here to listen to the lazy laps of the lagoon, appreciate the subtle education in bohemian-chic design, savor a breakfast smoothie freshly blended with local fruit, or simply enjoy the casual intimacy and A few of Miss Ronnie’s local friends spontaneously met for dinner. Miss Ronnie puts on her apron and hands over a plate of the best fried chicken you’ve ever had, and she seems to know the answer: yes to all of the above.

Elmhirst, known only by her nickname “Miss Ronnie” to the locals, purchased the property at 25 Gulf real estate to build and maintain as a single woman starting a new life for herself. “It’s been deserted for 25 years, but it’s powerful, an overwhelming good energy; I quickly understood that this land is full of magic,” she said , while holding a machete ready to cut down vegetation. “There must be a trap, right? But instead of running, I’m forced to follow it.”

Photo: Joseph Douglas Elmhurst

Photo: Joseph Douglas Elmhurst

In the more than ten years since then, she has incorporated the otherworldliness of her surroundings into her remodel of Dongfeng Bay, An experience was crafted that forgoes traditional forms of hospitality for something more purposeful. You won’t find a website, and booking a room isn’t easy, although it’s possible. You could try sending her a note via Instagram, but fair warning: “I’m very picky about who I fuck for,” she says. A three-hour drive from the nearest international airport, the rugged route through the steep Blue Mountains cliffs is both awe-inspiring and terrifying. But from the moment you touch down, you’ll have the unique feeling that you’ve stumbled across the rarest of finds – something to cherish for yourself.

While life in Port Antonio can be beachy and slow, it’s not always easy. Miss Ronnie is quick to mention that Jamaica has one of the highest rates of femicide in the world. “Black women are at the bottom; we have fewer rights than stray dogs,” she said. “It’s serious. But no matter where you are, it will be a lifelong quest to find someone you can trust; someone who wants to support you, a friend who just wants to see you fly. It’s a sign of the times.” ( Maybe that’s why she’s the only black woman in the parish to own waterfront property.)



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