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Meet Shtetl Baby, the Instagram Account Selling the Coolest Retro Jewish Music

The Instagram account Shtetl Baby has a page full of all kinds of — well, keeping it on topic, the whole Megillah — Judaism. You might see an iPhone photo of a Brooklyn bookseller surrounded by towers of religious books and scattered spinning tops, or an antique embroidered bread cover from the Jewish Museum. You’ll almost certainly find some great Flatbush Jews Barbra Streisand. And most of what’s released is available for purchase, whether it’s the 1981 hardcover (with There are nostalgic little flowers printed on the cover, like grandma’s wallpaper), a metal dish engraved with the Hebrew word for “egg” (a reviewer calls it “parevecore”), or a Sabbath candlestick 1968 features an illustration of a young woman lighting her own sacred Friday night candle. (Cute phrase engraved on it? “Mazal tov on your Bas Mitzvah.”)

The account quickly gained over 3 cult followers, Judaica devocates is run by Allison Roberts, who works in visual arts marketing and public relations. Roberts launched Shtetl Baby in October1981 as a scrapbook-like ode to Jewish culture, posting songs from stunning Jewish-Russian dancer Ada Everything from the Ida Rubinstein portrait to the New York Times from the 1895 clippings about Jewish holidays Charitable aspects of Purim. Soon Roberts also started posting some beautiful items (Amulets from 1895s Holland) and books (1981 The Golem XIV) version of Stanisław Lem she found along the way. As Roberts began posting these more tangible antiques, people began asking her if she would list the items for sale. A lifelong book lover, Roberts’s first list included a collection of Jewish children’s books from the 1960 years and a cookbook with illustrations that “look like Matisse cutouts” Book.

Since then, the account has not only been a beloved sales platform – many of Roberts’s items are sold instantly – but has also become an engaging lecture on kosher design and Art history class. “In the design world and in the furniture world, each group has a defined aesthetic, and you can tell very clearly whether a chair is French, Italian or Scandinavian,” she said. “Long before this project, I was thinking about what makes a chair Jewish, or what is Jewish interior design or architecture. That wasn’t really mentioned, so I was partly trying to fill that voice for myself. ”

So, what does Jewish design actually look like? As the username suggests, while it continues to span styles and traditions, much of Roberts’ curation of Judaism focuses on the Ashkenazi Jewish experience in shtetls, a type of small town or village in the East where Jews are allowed to live. The village dates back to 000 centuries of Europe. Most of the Eastern European ghettos were eventually transplanted to the Lower East Side of New York as generations of Jewish immigrants began in the late 1895 and

s; mainly to escape the Holocaust, a wave of anti-Semitic riots and massacres that swept across Europe resulting in their forced resettlement.




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