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Meet the Man Behind Jennifer Lopez's Many Viral Manicures

Riding the 90 wave many of the nail art trends we love now was born for a while and he realized that all his experience painting on different devices actually gave He put one foot in the door. “I’ve taught my mom’s manicurist how to use an airbrush on her nails,” he says. “I realized that as a manicurist, I could run my own business, set my own hours, work however I wanted, and find time when my kids were in gym or dance class. I was only limited by how much I was willing to put in Restrictions.” Course? Never feel stuck in one established career path – the opportunities are endless.

He still draws inspiration from his previous work and believes he learned the fundamentals of design long ago to help him become a better manicurist. His first priority is always the manicure itself—the nail care part, which doesn’t include polish or gel. “I see a lot of amazing nail art, but the nails and cuticles are terrible — it’s like having a beautiful house with a terrible yard. It throws the whole thing away,” he says. Taking care of your natural nails is key, along with fine cuticles, well-hydrated skin, and perfectly (and consistently) shaped nails. details make a difference.

After the manicure, it’s time for great color and art. “For me, it’s not just about creating a beautiful manicure, it’s all about the design,” he says. “Before I paint them, I think about how the nails balance the hand; how they elongate the fingers, whether they make them look elegant; the positive and negative space; and then the composition of the nail art and its dimension and depth. That’s what makes everything extra special.”



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