Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Meet the new generation of fashion critics and fashion passersby

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Is fashion getting worse? Who is Rei Kawakubo? What is fashion week?

Fashion reporter Odunayo (Ayo) Ojo has assembled

, subscribers and 3 million views of his YouTube channel Fashion Roadman Watch, explain the ins and outs of the industry to newbies, and provide analysis to industry insiders by answering these and many others. Last year, he tried out a print magazine, Fashion Archive , print

Copy price is £22 piece. They sold out on the first day, Ojo said, taking him by surprise.

Ojo, , is a fascinating fashion-specific example of when you combine the core journalism values ​​(passion, research, rigor and storytelling yen) with Gen Z A flair for audience engagement and an independent sensibility. Ojo is still a student and will start his third year of fashion journalism at Central Saint Martins next month. However, he has already begun to take his place in the fashion media. “There are many ways You can create your own audience and build your own success,” he said. “And I think even the concept of fashion journalism is changing.”

The wall surrounding fashion criticism is falling. Gen Z fashion lovers are Use social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok to gauge news, series, history and trends, listening eagerly to their peers who might otherwise be intimidated by the industry’s more traditional media landscape. Such a man is suddenly gaining authority in the next generation of fashion discourse, all from the bedroom where he shoots his videos. On social media where everyone is an expert, the rise of criticism is a double-edged sword, but Ojo’s approach has won Kudos to the topics he discusses.