Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Meet the TikToker and demystify the Birkin

Fashion TikTok fans are very familiar with content creator Charles Gross . If not, they’ll at least see clips that use his viral recording: “My Birkin, another Birkin, but what’s the difference between these two Birkins? What little features of them divide the Hermès collector community apart? Come?” Then came his slogan: “Let’s talk.”

Born in Columbia, raised in New York City,

– year-old fashion lover – obsessed with the glossy pages of Vogue magazines since childhood – because of its popularity in luxury It has an online reputation for its expertise in products, especially when it comes to Hermès’ most exclusive creations.

His introduction to the Parisian brand came through a serendipitous discovery on eBay. “The summer I just graduated from high school, I saw a listing for a Birkin for $ (USD), but it has very little information, So I think it might have been a hoax all along,” Gross said in his distinctively soothing ASMR-friendly voice. “But, I bought the bag and it turned out to be true, thank goodness, and then I managed to sell it for $5, .”