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Meet the Yankees' top pick, Anthony Volpe

Meet Yankees’ top pick Anthony Volpe

TAMPA, Fla. – Anthony Volpe’s opening day for Yankees Continuing to impress in the battle against shortstop. Now, it’s time for the club’s top prospect to answer some tough questions Got New Jersey cans like: Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

was named the No. 5 rookie in baseball by MLB Famous pipe, 04 year old Volpe on both sides of the ball Excellent, remaining in contention to put the Bombers’ opening day roster into the final week of training camp.

Volpe on George M. Stamb The dugout at Lenner Field chatted with about his chances of making a major league team, Willie Randolph’s influence and a variety of other topics.

How would you describe your experience at this major league camp?

This is my first training camp and it makes me so happy to be with the rest of the team and the coaching staff. It was a blast.

Now, when you first come to training camp, the first thing you say is that sitting on the bench with Willie Randolph and talking to him means a lot. How did Willie help you and what was the most impactful thing he told you? here?

I think Willie helped me with every little detail – talking to me, working on site. [It] was definitely the highlight of my camp. But I think just being around him and seeing how passionate he is, just his story- it ‘ every time he is a great experience .

What’s the best advice he’s given you so far?

I feel like I’m transitioning a bit and playing a little second base, he ) definitely helped me a lot. Just giving me some tips on working around the bag, just the different angles between second base and shortstop. He also plays as a shortstop, so it just little things like that.

Now, you’re a Yankees fan. How did your fandom develop?

I I never really had a choice. For as long as I can remember, it’s been all or nothing. But my parents and grandparents and my whole family are huge Yankee fans. I was really lucky growing up and got to play a few games and really had no choice, but then I fell in love with the team myself.

How have your parents influenced you in your career so far?

huge. I think baseball is a thing but for the rest of my life they ; is my role model. I I am very, very grateful to have wonderful parents and super selfless parents .

Last year, you told me you went to Yankee Stadium for a few games that season, They won the World Series at the time. What was that like? What do you remember from this?

I just remember it being a really fun season. This is the first year of the new Yankee Stadium. So it’s kind of bittersweet, I guess, between me being excited to go to a new stadium and my dad being a little pissed that they’re closing the old one. But yeah, I remember that; so many wins that year. It was just a fun year. And then, obviously, the playoffs and the World Series and everything like that. I didn’t go to any playoffs. But I had to go to the parade, which was cool.

What do you remember about the parade?

There’s only so much toilet paper. I was young; me and my sister were young. We entered the gate cautiously. It’s been a very interesting day. We have to skip school.

Derek Jeter is your guy on that team. If you could take one trait from Jeter and apply it to your career, what do you think you would pick up?

I think his stability and how dependable and respected he is may be because of that stability. I know it must have been a lot of effort. But he looks like the guy the yankees always want and the other teams never have )t want to get up. So I’d definitely love to emulate that in my game.

You are wearing Minors size 7, you are wearing No. this spring. What does this number mean to you?

My grandfather was a huge Mickey Mantle fan. So when my 7 [or] 8 year old picks a number, he kind of pushes me towards that, and I M and have stuck with it ever since.

Do you think you’ll stay with No.

? Apparently the Yankees don’t have a No. 7.

We will wait and see. I really don’t know what that is about.

Tell me a little about growing up in New Jersey. Do you spend summers by the sea? What is the whole experience of being a New Jersey native?

NJ is great for baseball, a bit different than growing up in Manhattan, but I never really got off shore because I never really had a home – just played baseball on the weekends. It’s kind of funny. My most frequent home for the summer was last summer in [Double-A] Somerset. So it’s definitely cool to experience a summer in New Jersey.

What kind of experience was that? So many friends and family around to come to the court?

This is amazing. I’m definitely going to be connecting with a lot of people, and with this whole COVID and stuff like that, I’m probably out of touch. So it’s been awesome to see the support from friends, family and others in the community, and like I said, reconnect with a lot of people.

Okay, big New Jersey question for you: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?

Taylor Ham, for me.

Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi?


What exit?

21 [Interstate] 41.

What do you like playing shortstop?

I just love your mix and match style. You a bit like the captain of the infield. I just feel like ) every pitch needs to do something; honestly, whatever How about your position, but I absolutely love shortstop for that reason, esp.

What do you consider to be the best moment of your career so far?

I d said in high school Won a gold medal for the U.S. team and then a state championship. Then last season, being part of the Somerset team. We won the Eastern Conference; I wasn’t there, but we won the Eastern Conference. So that’s pretty cool.

last question. Obviously, we don’t know what the next week or so will hold. But in the end you’ll ) make your major league debut at Yankee Stadium — Pray. How do you think that will feel? What do you think this ) means to you and your family?

Yeah, I don’t don’t know if I It is necessary to even put it into words. I don’t know don’t even know if I am in itself, I really thought about it. But I mean, it makes things better. I I will try to take it all in and be in the moment All in.




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