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Meet Tina Battock, the Colorado Mom Who Dominated Professional Bull Riding

“I started my career in quilting and probably went into the sunset by riding a bull,” says Bartok of . Along the way, she’s donned her uniform here—she’s wearing a tan fringed suede jacket, jeans and boots, and while a cowboy hat isn’t always on top of her long blond hair, it’s usually nearby. “It’s a strange world, but everything comes quite naturally. I was told a long time ago: water, not rocks. I try to remember that.”

in the last year In the inaugural PBR team series — basically the second half of the PBR season, the first half is dedicated to individual competition, while the second half revolves around eight teams in eight cities with five players each Drivers, fight for points, money and glory – Bartok’s Nashville Cowboys struggled to finish last in the final in Las Vegas. “Then we finished a Cinderella story,” Bartok said with a laugh. “We ended up winning the game.”

grew up in Littleton, Colorado, where she attended Columbine High School (after it died for all the wrong reasons. Before she became famous), Bartok planned to become a psychologist before she lost her patience. “I wanted to be involved, not go on to school,” she said. So she moved into media instead, first running a series of magazines in the craft space, then landing at Fort Worth-based Morris Communications, which has a string of “Western lifestyle”-based titles, events and businesses such as Battock And all kinds of people, from cowboys to cattle experts, refer to it. “My entire career since then has been a combination of being intentional and opportunistic. I kind of like saying yes to things and trying them.

”Western lifestyle is having a renaissance — there are things in the culture, Yellowstone probably the biggest of them all, that tap into that mystique,” ​​she continued. “I mean, Cowboys are the quintessential American icon, and that’s true whether you’re in rural Wyoming or midtown Manhattan. “

Battock leads Morris’ media division – but when she heard it was an opportunity for the company to buy the nascent PBR Teams franchise on the ground floor, she convinced Morris’ board to accept it “My co-workers joked that riding bulls was my side job. Do I have a background in sports management? Absolutely not. But having run a business, I know that the first thing you do is hire people who know what you need to know. So we’re just starting to build our team. There is no roadmap. “


“My grandfather rode a bull, my dad rode a bull, and I literally grew up riding a bull,” he said. “Like all my friends who played football dreamed of growing up in Europe and playing football.” , I also dream of coming to America and riding a bull here. ”



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