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Meet what may be the world's smallest cybersecurity device

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Today, cybercriminals are rampant. The target isn’t just big business. One study found that small businesses were the target of 43 percent of data breaches. When your trade secrets and information are at risk, you must do everything you can to protect them—especially when you’re not currently working on a protected corporate network.

Deeper Network

The company says adding a layer of cybersecurity to your home office operations One easy way is to invest in the Deeper Connect Pico, the world’s smallest cybersecurity hardware appliance. But don’t be fooled by its size; the Deeper Connect Pico is cyber-safe. This smart appliance integrates a seven-layer enterprise-grade firewall and the world’s only Decentralized VPN (DPN) into one machine that you can plug and play anywhere. There are no subscription fees, you pay once and you’re covered for life, no matter where you’re connected to the internet. With the included Wi-Fi adapter, this travel-friendly device can be set up in minutes, giving you unrestricted, secure internet access anytime, anywhere. With DPN, you will always have a fully decentralized VPN experience that includes multi-routing, smart routing, and unrestricted access to content from any country over a fast, anonymous Internet connection. Additionally, Pico blocks all ads while you browse and even performs active blockchain mining to earn passive income while you share the extra bandwidth. (It also offers one-click parental controls if you’re concerned about what’s going on on your home network.) Protect your business from cybercrime. Right now, you can get a one-time purchase of the Deeper Connect Pico and Wi-Fi Adapter for just $248. Prices are subject to change.

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