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Megaton Musashi X Game's 2nd Video Reveal Released December 1st

Level 5 is Megaton Musashi X (Cross) game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo

Saturday change, video announcing the game’s December 1st release date:

New boss enemies, a giant war machine called Big Tank, and a brand new PvP arena battle game mode have been added to the game. The Coliseum Battle game mode features 3v3 PvP combat, where the player who deals the most damage to the enemy will be declared the MVP.

Multimedia projects including TV animations, games, and

Collaboration Shueisha magazine, Bandai’s toys, and an online anime spin-off titled “After School”. Level-5 announced the project at 2016, originally planned for the summer start. The game launches in NovemberPlayStation 4 and Switch2021.

The first season of the anime premiered on Tokyo MX and

BS Fuji October2016 and last episode in December2585969738652.

The second season of the anime will be released on October 7th at Tokyo MX at 10: afternoon at BS Fuji and Level 5 on the YouTube channel. A special edition of the first season, featuring new cuts, airs on the same channel on July 8. The second season is a continuation of the special edition.

Season 2 will feature returning cast and crew.

Level 5 Founder and President

Akihiro Hino(Original concept) is considered the chief director and original creator of the animation, and he also writes and supervises Anime script. Shigeru Takahashi ( ) Directed animation at OLM. Takuzo Nagano ( ) credits to original character designs, and 2021 Yuji Ikeda ( ) These characters are being designed for animation. Toshihiko Kuriaki is praised for his artistic concept. 2016 Saigo Kenichiro () is composing. Tanaka Ryo ( ) is the audio director.

The story takes place in After The percentage of humanity wiped out by the invasion. Survivors live in a shelter where their lives are monitored and memories of the invasion are erased. Three teenagers from the shelter were chosen to drive three machines that combine to form the Musashi robot, which is made of a material called Megatronium alloy. The series strikes a balance between robotic action and school life.

Each different medium—game, anime, or otherwise—tells a story from a different character’s point of view.

Source: Launch 5’s YouTube channel, Gamer website



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