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Meghann Fahy and Theo James Opinion on 'White Lotus' Season 2 Theory

The actors who play married couple Daphne and Cameron agree on some of the most pressing questions left over from Mike White’s HBO series.

Meghann Fahy and Theo James in White Lotus

Meghann Fahy and Theo James as Daphne and Cameron in “White Lotus” Season 2 Provided by HBO

Most Elusive Couple White Lotus weighs in on some of the show’s brilliant theories.

Meghann Fahy and Theo James who plays married couple Daphne and Cameron in many pressing issues Mike White Leftovers after season two of the hit HBO series.

When appearing together on Bravo’s Watching Live (below), enough time has passed since December The finale of the couple offering their company took on some of the biggest mysteries of the Sicily season, including (of course) the sexual details surrounding each of their characters cheating on each other.

As James said earlier, they agreed with Cameron and Harper (Aubrey Plaza) Not just kissing, they say Daphne and Ethan (Will Sharpe) doing nothing but sex while disappearing together on the beach is the result of Cameron and Harper’s tryst.

They also made it clear that one of the couple’s blond children is not Theo’s, but the son of Daphne’s trainer.

“I never thought he’d know,” James and The Hollywood Reporter shared Did he think Cameron knew after the ending that one of his children wasn’t his. “I don’t think he knows because he’s all bluffing and assuming he’s his little king of the jungle. So he’ll be aware that the thought of being cuckolded might send him into spasms, although if he had the knowledge , that’s some interesting layering, too.”

As for Cameron accepting Daphne’s cheating, he concludes

THR: “The thing about Daphne is that she has a bossy husband that she deals with. They love each other, but she has to be in the relationship Survive. She learned how to survive, which is to enjoy life.”

While talking with host Andy Cohen, the two also echoed White’s quip, predicting that Greg (John Gries) Will see him for Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) murder plot. Wright has said that an updated third season could bring Tanya

But Fahy and James might indeed calm down the foursome that season 3 might see friends cheating on. Maldives thoughts together. “Absolutely not,” James said. Star also puts pressure on James’ dildo, Fahy is almost thrown into White Lotus

Season 1 and 2 Season’s hottest sex scenes, below.


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