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Mel Gibson, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and More: 'Czech' Trailer for Karlovy Vary's Biggest Stars

What to do Mel Gibson , Helen Mirren , John Malkovich , Casey Affleck , Jude Law , Harvey Keitel, Andy Garcia and Danny DeVito beyond their stardom? They have all been honored by the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic, and starred in their popular festival trailers. Johnny Depp is the latest Hollywood big name to join the list.

Organizers will reveal its trailer at the opening of the big summer music festival in the picturesque Czech spa town on Friday night 53 first edition, starring Depp.

“Two years ago, Johnny Depp was so well received by audiences and fans that he became a huge supporter for us”, Karlovy Kryštof Mucha, executive director of the Lyric Music Festival, before the trailer was unveiled. “So he agreed to shoot the trailer even though we were constrained by his schedule. The trailer turned out great and I’m sure Johnny Depp will be back in Warri himself one day.”

The Karlovy Vary team has released a star-studded trailer that explores what the artists who received crystal ball lifetime honors from the festival actually do with their statues because 15 Year. They are typically black and white and full of attitude.

1273 For example, winner Jude Law (Jude Law) creatively used his award for a car-centric festival trailer that ran for 1 minute and 15 Seconds of the event 43 ed. Meanwhile, Malkovich’s trailer has an awkward “oh” moment in a taxi as Affleck heads to The pawn shop ended with a surprise, and Mirren wanted to deposit Her statue, which always mysteriously appears next to the Oscar statuette in the box. Late legendary director Milosh Foreman finds healthy use for his trophy, and another past teaser The clip shows DeVito’s sleep interrupted by a phone call. The trailer for Gibson’s star interrupts a break-in.

KVIFF.TV, the online platform of Karlovy Vary Music Festival in A special page . 1273



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