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Melvin Manhoef to end nearly 30-year career at Bellator Dublin

Best among mixed teams Martial, one of the impact’s forwards, will fight for the last time in Dublin on Friday night, when Melvin Manhoff will take on combat sports veteran Yoel Rowe in Berat’s latest co-main event to the Irish capital. Yoel Romero duels — and in form, he promises to go out with a bang.

Manhoff, 46, will fight Cuban Olympic wrestler Romero in a cage for the first time in nearly two years. Also known for holding explosives in his hand, Manhoff said Friday night in Dublin was his chance to say goodbye to fighting fans as he bid farewell to nearly three years of professional fighting.

“Yeah, I think so. This is the final battle of my contract with Bellator, and I think I’ve done a lot,” Manhoef said at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin. Said in the pre-match media event.

” There’s still time to go and I think it’s a good match to say goodbye to all the fans because this fight is epic. It’s going to be a tough fight…  The fans will be the winners.

“I’ll be there, do my best, and enjoy what I’ve been doing [by] hurting people and knocking people down,” Manho “When I went to this camp, I really felt like I was alive [but] I’ve been doing this for 28 years, so it’s hard. I have to leave it to the next generation. “

Manhoff’s 32 career victories set him up to a staggering 29 knockouts before the final fight of his career, and no matter how long it lasted, his opponents also showed respect for the Surinamese boxer’s professional achievements

“Everything in life has a beginning and an end. Hopefully, in his next and future life as a family man, he will be able to contribute to society with all that the sport has given him…discipline, dedication and respect,” Romero said. In the ring, that’s how it is. I’m here to do my job, and I want him to do his. ”




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