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Men's Night Out: Rule-Breaking Tailoring at the Golden Globes

This is in line with what is happening at the menswear shows, where designers have been pushing boundaries, from dresses and skirts (sometimes over trousers) to gorgeous outerwear and barely a season Appearance. At the end of the day, though, runway shows are for the insular fashion world, and the red carpet is a spectacle for the masses, and while it attracts many paper-based fashion critics, the general audience doesn’t pay attention to the latest runway trends or TikTok fads. So seeing Donald Glover in elegant and sexy Saint Laurent, Barry Keoghan in cheeky blue Louis Vuitton and Eddie Redmayne in understated but directional Valentino witnessed a hopeful change in the men’s red carpet rulebook.

If a new generation of leading men isn’t afraid to be playful and more adventurous in their looks, then maybe the insular conversations we’ve been having around the men’s runway — and their take on A shift in fluidity—that did have an effect beyond Ripple Fashion Week. If these people are willing to forego what they should wear in favor of stereotypically feminine details, unconventional fabrics, and even conceptual silhouettes, then maybe we won’t be The fear that showing an interest in fashion will damage a man’s masculinity. (Remember the term “urban handsome man”?)



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