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Men's Perm Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Perms

Gen Z might lead you to believe that the 90s and 2000s were back in fashion, but lately an 80s trend has been trending on TikTok: perms. Perm hairstyles are mostly seen on women, but today you can find men of all ages fully embracing the curly hair lifestyle. But actually is a perm, and how to achieve those soft semi-permanent waves?

A perm is not the same as a perm for a quick trim. This is a complex chemical process that requires expert help. Luckily, we asked hair gurus Anakin Chan and James Corbett to tell us everything a man needs to know before getting a perm.

What is a perm?

Abbreviated hairstyle for “permanent,” a perm is a chemical treatment that changes The structure of the hair follicle that turns straight hair into wavy or curly hair. A perm is not completely permanent – it usually only lasts six months. However, perming is still a harsh chemical process that you should not take lightly. A chemical process can change you The structure and texture of the hair until it grows out, which usually takes a few months to a year for most people.

This 80s hairstyle was a hit , especially popular with men who want to try new styles and have fun with them.

“Men’s perms are beneficial because they are low maintenance and also because it gives men the opportunity to change them look, without having to change their cut or color,” says Anakin Chan, lead stylist at Bubbles Salon, Maryland.

Perms typically take an hour and a half to complete in a salon setting, costing Ranging from $100 to $200.

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How Perm Works

A perm is a chemical treatment and should always be done by a professional. If you don’t know what you’re doing, attempting a DIY perm at home can seriously damage your hair and may even cause chemical burns. If you’re interested in perms and feel comfortable with what to expect Curious, let stylist James Corbett break it down for you step by step.

Grow out hair

Grow out Hair, ready for a perm. Hair should be long enough to wrap around the roller, according to Corbett. Chan says hair should be at least an inch and a half long, “but the longer the better. “

Perm will make your hair look shorter because all the length is rolled into coil-like tendrils. Depending on the curl you want, you want to make sure you have enough length to support it.

Clean with clarifying shampoo

Before you start the perm, the stylist does The first thing to do is shampoo your hair. Don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours after a perm or you risk deactivating the chemicals, so this shampoo will be your last in a few days. You go back to the chair and they will comb and comb the hair and sections according to the curls you want.

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Wrap your hair around a perm On

Next, towel dry hair with perm paper and wrap around perm wand. Towel dry hair. Hair smoothed with perm paper and wrapped around perm wand The size and number of rods will depend on your hair length and desired amount of curl. “The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl,” says Corbett.

Apply the perm solution to the hair after applying the perm solution

the fixer bar. This chemical treatment breaks the hair bond and resets it to wavy or curly hair .Corbett emphasizes that it is important for men to ensure that each rod is fully saturated to ensure an even wave or curl pattern.

Rinse, neutralize, After treating and repeating

treatments, your stylist will carefully rinse your hair while it’s still in the wand. Carefully blot your hair to remove excess moisture without Will damage the hair. Then, use a pre-neutralizer to lock the new shape in place. This will take some time to process. When you’re done, blot your hair again and use only half the bottle of neutralizing solution to apply the neutralizing solution, saving the rest.

After the neutralizer has been processed, your stylist will carefully and gently open the wand. They will apply the remaining neutralizing solution to the hair and process carefully. After a few minutes of processing, the final Rinse to complete the perm process.

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Treat new curly hair

Do not within 48 hours of coloring Wash your hair as your curls continue to set the perm. Even after 48 hours, you’ll want to wash your hair less often. Washing or wetting your hair too often will cause the perm to fade faster. The drier your curls are, the longer they will last .

To maintain your perm, use the right hair conditioner at home reasoning is very important. Here are some expert-recommended products to help care for your curls and prolong the life of your perm.

Best Maintenance Perm Products

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Perm or no perm?

Perms are growing in popularity among men, thanks to stars like Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet for embracing natural trends. Of course, we can’t forget K-pop stars from bands like BTS and EXO who modernized the ’80s trend. But is a perm right for you?

It depends on your hair length, texture and desired look. Men with naturally curly hair may not even need a perm, but can benefit from adding some curl-friendly products to their hair care routine. If you’re ready to grow straight hair and try this trend, be prepared to keep this look for at least six months. A perm is a commitment, but not as permanent as the name suggests. At the end of the day, it’s just hair. If you don’t like how it looks, wait a few months until it grows out. Experimenting with your hair is fun, temporary, and a great way to discover and express your personal style.

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Cristina Montemayor is a freelance writer and journalist based in Austin, TX covering beauty, grooming, style and culture. Her work has appeared in Very Good Light, The Bride, Elite Daily, and more.

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