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Men's Skirts: It's Not That Scary – I Promise!

I will never forget the first time I wore a dress. It was September, and I had just seen the Peter Do show during New York Fashion Week, which featured a pleated knee-length skirt paired with dress pants. It felt so good, I decided to test it out for myself during a trip to my local Starbucks. My outfit consisted of a black t-shirt, a black pleated skirt I bought secondhand, and black dress pants underneath. “Okayyy, skirt

,” my favorite barista exclaims as soon as I walk in.

I’ve always thought of skirts as a genderless creation; as an Ojibwe, I grew up seeing men wear skirts at our annual summer gatherings. But the fear of judgment and ridicule has always prevented me from taking risks in public. Walking home with my large iced coffee in hand, I was delighted to find that no one even blinked. Surprisingly but refreshingly, no one cared that I dabbled in skirts. (It helps that stars like Lil Nas X, Brad Pitt, Odell Beckham Jr., and Conan Gray all wear them too.)

Of course, The New Yorker Mainly no worries in general, but the first successful dress attempt gave me the confidence to incorporate more into my wardrobe. And now, I can’t stop buying them. My growing collection of skirts probably has something to do with the fact that the market is – this time – filled with men’s options. While it’s easy to find women’s skirts, sizing isn’t always easy; I’ve tried buying some of the largest women’s sizes and they barely cover my knees. Instead, more and more retailers are finally offering skirts in men’s sizes exclusively—meaning I no longer have to guess or hope it fits.

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Allaire

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Allaire


For example, the Thom Browne Pleated Skirt and Smooth Leather Rick Owens Skirt on Ssense are now available in to 28 waist. I’ve also been eyeing the Chopova Lowena and Liberal Youth Ministry prints, which come in sizes S to XL. While the range doesn’t have a huge range of sizes, the men’s-only skirts are a step forward. Besides my classic gray Thom Browne, my most recent dress purchase is a black asymmetrical Airei dress with frayed edges. I’ve always loved pairing it with my chunky knits, like my new checkered Zankov sweater.

While trying out these skirt styles, I realized how easy and foolproof they are to wear. Nothing fancy really: A black or gray skirt can be worn with just about anything, from a knit to a simple button-down shirt. Think of them like jeans—only a little more stylish. They look especially good with platform boots or loafers.



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