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Messi's legacy is safe no matter what happens in Qatar

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is a competition in name only.

The build-up, the time of year, the lack of warm-up games, the attitude of the host country to human rights abuses, etc. do not match up with many supporters of Pretty Match.

Yet another chance for a country to take home the greatest football prize on Earth.

Chances of being world No. 1 for at least the next four years.

For a player, perhaps more than any other, this is the last opportunity to highlight the enduring legacy he has left for this game, his performance so good.

Lionel Messi will be playing his last World Cup final and for all intents and purposes, rewriting the history books with his name written all over .

His place in history is unquestionable, and despite his inability to help secure a World Cup win for his beloved Argentina, he is always cited when it comes to great things Tested players for decades as the stick that beat him.

They’ll say Bailey won three. Zidane, of course, lifted the trophy himself in 1998. Yada, yada, yada. While not an absurd argument, it neatly bypasses the incredible and indelible mark La Pulga

will be behind when they finally decide to hang up their boots – which is likely to end the season from A competitive European position.

A couple of seasons, probably in MLS or the league, would be far less taxing on his aging limbs, but he Still being able to showcase his unique and enviable skill set to the fullest is not the worst way to sundown.

By any standard, Messi is metaphorically a head above his contemporaries. Numerous individual awards and victories in domestic cup finals or European finals are constant reminders of his consistent mastery.

He falls behind his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo in career goals – another legendary player expected to be Playing in his last World Cup – but can reasonably claim to be better in almost every other way.

However, this argument is now outdated, and this column certainly won’t delve into it.

Suffice it to say that on this occasion, apart from his experience in past games, it is difficult to see how Ronaldo would give What Portugal brings. At 37, his star is fading fast, and this time he might just be chewing on more, trying to match his nemesis.

Along with the likes of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, Messi enters the tournament in better individual form, arguably, in more in a good state of mind.

He looked happy and settled, a stark contrast to United’s talisman.

In fact, everything was ready for Leo at just the right time. However, back in 2014, it seemed Messi’s time had finally arrived.

Argentina have a strong squad in Brazil and are hard to beat, but in their most important They were not without state-of-the-art technology, and a ruthless German team destroyed their dreams in extra time in the final.

Messi It is little consolation to have a trophy and not be able to put both hands on it and hold it aloft.

The recent Copa America victory may have eased the pain of that loss somewhat, Messi’s tears of joy at the end of the final against Brazil were real and uncontrollable.

Throughout the game, Argentina as a whole Messi himself looked strong, Confident and ready for all who come.

under his direction Lionel Scaloni’s La Albiceleste

has been reborn. So much so that at the time of writing they are unbeaten in 35 games, just a few steps away from breaking Italy’s international record.

Not that the players go on the pitch with that in mind Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland are in their Group C match.

That’s because there is only one target there.


If Messi gets it on December 18 When it comes to trophies, the classics that continue to denigrate the work and achievements of his great antagonist will be forced back into their boxes. They really have nowhere to go.

The status is contested, but the lack of a World Cup can always add a few inches to the post.

Ballon d’Or, but more matches for best performance you can’t shake, countless “men of the world” who can make their own best goals of all time, club – Barcelona – and national team, and most goals in Spain And assists, and more records, in addition, Messi seems to have to prove himself again.

Let’s be clear here.

World Cup final against Argentina It means a lot to the whole country, the team and Messi himself. In a sense, this would elevate Leo to a place of thin air, to the point where he might be the only player inhabiting it. It will stop immediately The often embarrassing comparisons to Diego Maradona. To Cristiano Ronaldo. With Pele, and pretty much any other player with enough reasonable stats, hackers can find angles.
Lionel • Messi’s legacy is already secured ahead of Qatar 2022 and whatever happens in the next four weeks will not change that.

Indeed, the World Cup final Winning only strengthens it.



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