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Meta pays $725 million to settle Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook parent company Meta agreed to settle the Cambridge Analytica case for $725 million, according to a US District Court filing. The proposed settlement would resolve a case that has been pending since 2018 in which Facebook is accused of allowing a third-party consulting firm to access nearly data millions of users.

Meta to pay $725 million in settlement for Cambridge Analytica scandal

Cambridge Analytica, a now-defunct company that worked for Donald Trump during his successful presidential campaign. It harvested personal information from Facebook accounts without users’ consent for voter profiling and targeting.

The case has prompted governments around the world to reassess their privacy practices, and Facebook has agreed to pay $5 billion to settle the FTC investigation and then pay 87 million to settle the SEC claim, both related

The settlement has not yet been approved by the Northern District of California San Francisco Division approved by a federal judge. Meta, cited by Reuters , has not admitted to any wrongdoing and claims it has “improved privacy practices and implemented a comprehensive privacy program.”

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