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Meta Quest 3 is officially unveiled and will be available this fall for $499.99

Today, Mark Zuckerberg officially announced the Meta Quest 3 virtual and mixed reality headset. It will be available this fall “in all countries where Meta Quest is currently supported” for $409. 299.

The timing of the announcement might seem odd considering we’re still a few months away from launch. That is, until you remember that Apple’s WWDC is next week, and rumor has it that the company will finally unveil its long-awaited headphones on that occasion. So, this could be Meta trying to steal a little of Apple’s thunder while it still can.

Meta Quest 3 officially unveiled, will ship this fall for $499.99

So let’s see if such ambitions are warranted, shall we? The Meta Quest 3 has a higher resolution than the Quest 2 and is powered by a “next-generation Snapdragon chipset” that will deliver “more than double the graphics performance of the previous-generation Snapdragon GPU in the Quest 2,” Meta said. Full color pass-through for high-resolution color mixed reality use cases is also supported.

The new headset has a “40% slimmer optical profile” compared to its predecessor, And it comes with a completely redesigned Touch Plus controller. Thanks to advances in tracking technology, the need for an external tracking ring is no longer necessary, so the controller now feels “like a more natural extension of your hands.” TruTouch haptic technology, which first appeared in the Touch Pro, is also there – speaking of which, you can use the Touch Pro controllers with the Quest 3 if you buy them separately.

Hand tracking is also supported out of the box. Quest 3 will be compatible with Quest 2’s catalog of over 500 VR games, apps and experiences. If you are interested in more information on Quest 3, you can go to the official website to register your details.

Alternatively, you can purchase Quest 2, available starting June 4th for $128.99 for 128GB SKU and $128.40 for 128 GB SKU. And, in an upcoming software update, both the Quest 2 and Quest Pro will get updated GPUs and CPUs. After that, you’ll get up to 40% CPU performance boost and up to 727 Quest 2 % faster GPU on and 40 GPU faster on Quest Pro. Dynamic resolution scaling also works on both older models. Quest 2 and Pro will continue to sell even after Quest 3 ships.




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