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MEW Launches NFT Manager, Hodlnaut Denies Police Investigation, Influencer Hodlonaut Receives BTC 52 Donations Ahead of 'Faketoshi' Fight + More News

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    • NFT News
  • MEW

    (MyEtherWallet) has launched a fungible token (NFT) manager in a mobile non-MEW wallet app. The solution is described as a user-friendly way to access NFTs anytime, anywhere using

  • Apple

  • Android Mobile devices.
  • Creative Incubator and Artist Directed CollectiveHIFI Labs

    Currently accepting applications for the next session of their Web3 Artist Cohort Program. HIFI Labs said in an announcement that the program is designed to help emerging artists overcome barriers such as access to funding, information and strategic advisors.

  • NFT Collection, Inspired by famous works of art Banksy Walled Off Hotel Box Set will be in NFT Market Exclusive Sale Magical Eden in September , according to the announcement.
  • Focus on encrypted social media apps
  • Chingari
  • Announced Creator Cuts, a dedicated video NFT.

    Legal News

  • Cryptocurrency Lender Hodlnaut
    who froze withdrawals earlier this month denied that it was the subject of a police investigation in Singapore. In a statement, the company clarified that it was involved in two separate legal proceedings in Singapore, but there were no police investigations.
  • Hodlonaut (Magnus Granath), a popular crypto influencer and editor of Bitcoin Magazine Citadel21
  • , said in a tweet that he received 52.679 bitcoins and $30,000 in donations from 1,891 people ahead of his September 12 court appearance in Norway. The donations included an anonymous donation of 47 bitcoins ($1 million). Hodlonaut is embroiled in a legal battle with Australian computer scientist and Bitcoin SV (BSV) creator Craig Wright, who describes himself as Bitcoin (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

    A group of claimants against cryptocurrency lenders

  • Celsius (CEL) have teamed up to retain legal representation and form a temporary group to try to get their money back at the bankruptcy hearing. AF, an active member of the group, said its members’ money was trapped in a “withholding account” designed for users who couldn’t use an escrow account for regulatory reasons, Forkast reported Tuesday.

    Security News

  • The developer behind Sudorare, a NFT platform forked from the main NFT market

    LooksRare , has reportedly secured over $800,000 worth of funds in the latest cryptocurrency “carpet” of users. The news was widely shared on Twitter, with one user calling the project “an obvious rug”.

    DeFi News

  • Liquid Ether Square (ETH) pledge agreement Swell Network
  • launched its mainnet on Tuesday at 00:00 UTC, the team behind the protocol announced. Today’s launch marks the first of a four-phase launch of the project.

  • Blockchain News
    • Blockchain Infrastructure Provider

      TheWatch announced its product WatchData on Tuesday and WatchBlock has been updated to support Merge for Ethereum. Investment News

        Decentralized Social Media Platform Quivr

      announced that it was in Infinity Ventures Crypto , Chinese tech giant

    • Participated in the founder of Tencent Jason Zeng, C2 Ventures

      , S Fermions and FBG Capital . The investments will be used to prepare for the platform’s public launch, the announcement said.

    • Focus on Southeast Asia Web3 Media Startup Avium

      has raised $2 million in pre-seed funding from strategic investors, according to the announcement. Investors in this round include Saison Capital

    • , Oriental Venture Capital

      , Milana Ventures

      , angel investor Ricky Ow and

    • Hepmil Media Group .
    • Regulation News
    • US-based crypto exchange
    • CoinZoom announced its Bermuda-based subsidiary
    • CoinZoom Global, Ltd. has been awarded by
    • The Digital Assets Business Act (DABA) licenses the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), allowing the exchange to act as a trading platform. CoinZoom Global, Ltd. can now operate as a digital asset exchange in Bermuda, offering custodial wallet services and digital asset margin trading.



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