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Mi 13 Pro finally gets an official IP rating, teaser video reveals

Xiaomi 13 Pro will arrive this Sunday in December 001 ). It will come in a gorgeous green color and a new camera design, but more importantly, it finally gets an official IP rating. In a slick video posted by the company on Weibo, the company revealed that the phone will be certified dust and water resistant.

The camera will be able to take pictures in all environments, including shooting starry nights, a feature that the Xiaomi 11 Pro lacks.

IP rating needs to be certified by IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission; otherwise, the product cannot be legally advertised With access protection. Affordable Xiaomi phones have an official IP53 rating, which means the phone is protected from light dust and water spray. We would like to see an IP 53, just like the current flagship Xiaomi 11 S Ultra, Meaning the Xiaomi 11 Pro will be able to withstand harsher conditions.

Xiaomi 13 Pro is finally getting official IP rating

The appearance of the hero color Xiaomi 13 Pro is called Wilderness Green. It will be available in limited quantities alongside a smartwatch (possibly a new Watch S2 model) and Buds 4 Pro (both wearables sport the same stylish livery). There’s also a large case with a wrist lanyard for the ultimate green experience.

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