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Mi Band 8 will be more than just a wrist wearable, teaser reveals

The Mi Band 8 will arrive next week, and it’s not just a wrist wearable. A teaser released by company CEO Lei Jun shows the wearable device can be worn as a pendant and fashion accessory.

The executive revealed that there are at least five different fashion straps, each better than the other.

Xiaomi Band 8 Xiaomi Band 8

Xiaomi Band 8Mi Band 8

Strap 8 will be in the shape of a pill, with at least three different pegs that allow you to attach different straps and even place it on your shoes. The device will have multiple watch faces to match the user’s look, and that’s pretty much what we know about the device.

Xiaomi Band 8

Mi Band 8

Xiaomi has decided to ditch the single strap that has been part of the Band logo for years and will now Two-piece straps are available, even for more affordable wearables. We expect the company to stick with 1. 30” AMOLED with AOD and above 35 Sport mode. The price is likely to be around CNY210, which is about $


280Source (Chinese) 280



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