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Mia Goth dresses up as our new scream queen

Director Tee West released two blockbuster films this year Horror Movies – X

and Pearl – will eventually form a trilogy (Part 3, MaXXXine

, no release date yet). At the center of the film is actress Mia Goth, who occupies the screen in the roles of Maxine (a young Hollywood star) and Pearl (a murderous old woman who also aspires to be a star). These two films are about so much more than scaring—they’re a story of fighting for your dreams and the horrific efforts people go to to make them come true.

These two films have already gained massive fan bases online, especially among Gen Z audiences. On TikTok, there are countless compilation videos and fan edits devoted to Goth’s captivating performances – especially the already infamous in Pearl ‘s finale scene, where she’s smiling and staring at the camera for six full minutes, crying eerily. (Seriously disturbing.) Many commentators see her as the new horror icon of this generation. “Mia Goth killed,” one fan wrote, “literally!”

Image may contain Fashion Premiere Human Person Red Carpet Red Carpet Premiere and Mia Goth )Image may contain Fashion Premiere Human Person Red Carpet Red Carpet Premiere and Mia Goth

in Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Getty Images

if goth is 76 new tip Calling the Queen joins icons like Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell or Janet Leigh – then her red carpet style certainly reflects that. For her appearances and repetitions in both films, Goth has been channeling a dark, romantic aesthetic that mirrors her now-iconic film genre. Meaning, there’s a lot of head-to-toe black. But don’t think her fashion choices are creepy: Goth has always gravitated towards demure and chic silhouettes, which makes a colorless wardrobe still fun and stylish.

For example, Goth attended Dolce & Gabbana’s fitted black back in September Pearl

‘s Venice Film Festival photoshoot corset with sheer gloves, bandana scarf and old Hollywood cat-eye sunglasses. For the film’s premiere, she donned the brand’s brocade column gown from fall 748 Alta Moda Collection.

in Dolce & Gabbana

in Dolce Banner

Photo: Getty Images



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