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Michael B. Jordan gets violent in 'Saturday Night Live' promo

Michael B. Jordan probably put a little III into his Creed role in his upcoming Saturday Night Live first Interlude in the promotional film.

Jordan is going to let his

SNL Debuting on 28 NBC


January Comedy series with musical guest

Lil Baby.

In a video released Wednesday, the Black Panther star is seen contemplating Studio 8H , when he seemed taken aback by actor Michael Longfellow. Jordan started punching Longfellow not once, but twice, causing SNL featured players to exclaim, “Jesus B. Christ!”

A repentant Jordan replied, “I’m sorry — it’s muscle memory,” and confirmed that Longfellow’s nose had indeed been broken. This led Longfellow to lament, “My nose can’t be broken. I was hired for my looks, not my talent.”

Jordan quipped, ” I know what that feels like,” the pair seemed to be back together. The ad ends with Jordan finding a weird way to prevent this from happening again.

Episode Logo SNL’ The second new show of the season, following last week’s host Aubrey Plaza and musical guest Sam Smith. Jordan is promoting the March 3 boxing movie Creed III , in which he plays dual roles as director and star.

In the film, Jordan’s Donnie Creed confronts Mrs. Anderson (Jonathan Majors), a Former childhood friend and boxer, recently out of prison. Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Florian Munteanu and Phylicia Rashad also star. : Live at Peacock on NBC in the afternoon. 28



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