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Michael Bisping says he will 'sign' Luke Rockhold to title if he can beat Paul Costa at UFC 278: 'He does have ideas, beliefs, achievements, and he Treat yourself as a samurai!”

Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping thinks if Luke Rockhold wins at UFC 278 he should Get the championship.

Rockhold is back in the Octagon for the first time in more than three years as he faces Paul Costa in the co-main event at UFC 278. It’s an interesting matchup full of trash talk and scrap Rockhold’s preparations have shown that if he wins, he wants a title.

However, Dana White said he wasn’t sure Rockhold would take the title, but his longtime Bisping rival thinks the former champion should.

“If Izzy is still the champ [after the Alex Pereira fight] and Rockhold wins [against Costa], I don’t know if that’ll get him a shot, but I’ll say, ‘I sign agree. “I don’t mind at all,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel (via Sportskeeda). “Rockhold has a long history, he’s a former champion, he’s the best in the division, people know his name, he’s playing well, he just doesn’t speak very well…but he does have ideas, beliefs, Accomplished, and he does possess himself like a samurai.”

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While Michael Bisping thinks Luke Rockhold deserves the title against Paul Costa, but he doesn’t think Rockhold will win. However, he said he was backing his former opponent to win at UFC 278.

“I think I have Costa. I want Luke to win,” Bisping said. “As a fighter, whoever you fight and beat, you want them to win forever, because then you can say, ‘Look, only I can beat him, he’s really good, he won’t Beaten by anyone.'” If someone beats you, you also want them to always win, because you can say, ‘Look, they beat everyone, and that person is amazing. So for these reasons, I hope Rockhold wins. “

Do you think Luke Lockhold should beat Paul Costa at UFC 278 to win the title?

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