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Michael Cera says he didn't join 'Barbie' group chat because he has a flip phone

Only Greta Gerwig All Barbies and Kens from upcoming movies are in the group Chatting makes sense together, but one of the Kens says he misses all the text pranks.

In a recent interview PeopleBarbieSpecial Issue, Simu Liu reveals that since Margot Robbie hosted a sleepover for all Barbie dolls, all Kenny The couple decided to set up a group chat with them to “show our support but not be bossy with our presence”.

But Michael Cera said he was ignored in the conversation because “I don’t have my own iPhone. … I have a flip phone.” Serra noted that he didn’t mind it, adding, “I still don’t think I belong in the [group chat] anyway, because [my character] Alan is kind of Immersed in his own little world.”

It’s not the Superbad actor first For the first time publicly expressing his distaste for modern technology. He told in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in February that he was interested in are not interested in owning social media or a smartphone .

“It was a conscious choice because honestly, I was kind of terrified of it, like I was actually going to lose my waking life to me,” he said at the time. “When people started to have smartphones, which is when the BlackBerry came out, I was having lunch with a friend who was my best friend at the time, and he had just bought a BlackBerry, and he was typing the entire meal. Mail, I sat there alone and bored. So I developed an early distaste for them.”

As for Barbie Actors, texting and group chatting wasn’t the only thing they did together during filming. Ryan Gosling also reveals that Robbie initiated the forced Pink Dress code once a week.

“Margot has a pink day every week and everyone has to wear pink. If you don’t, you get fined,” he said explained. “She’d go around collecting fines and donating them to charity.”

Gosling noted that not only was the cast having fun, but it was “really” special” to see the male crew also Excited.

“At the end of the movie, they all got together and used their own money to make pink crew shirts with rainbow tassels,” he said. Chance expresses respect and admiration for the work of Margot and [director] Greta [Gerwig]. It’s almost like that scene at the end of Dead Poets Society where they all sit at the table and say, “Oh, Captain!” My Captain ! ‘”

It’s safe to say that all the Barbie, Kens and crew filming scenes were hilarious. Robbie even said she ruined a couple of Gosling’s scenes because She was “laughing the whole time”.

“Ryan is the most comically gifted actor I’ve ever worked with. He really is,” Robbie added. “He’s known for his dramatic performances, and rightfully so. But he has incredible comedic talent. ”

Barbie doll

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