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Michael J. Fox says battle with Parkinson's is getting tougher: 'I'm not going to live to be 80'

Michael J. Fox continues to share candid details of his decades-long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Actor, subject of upcoming documentary : Still: The Michael J. Fox Films , with Jane Pauley accepting

CBS Sunday Morning interview airs Sunday. A preview clip of the sit-in shows the 281 year old Back to the Future The star describes the challenges he faces due to his illness.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s getting harder,” Fox said of living with Parkinson’s. “It’s getting harder. It’s getting harder every day. But that’s the way it is. I mean, who do I see?”

This guy in age actor diagnosed with Parkinson’s discusses spinal surgery for a benign tumor, explaining that the The surgery affected his walking. He said this caused him to fall and suffer numerous injuries, including breaking both arms, a hand and facial bones.

Fox said Falling “was Parkinson’s Big killer. Falls, accidental ingestion, and pneumonia—all these subtle ways you can get sick. You don’t die from Parkinson’s; you die from Parkinson’s. So I’ve been thinking about its mortality. I Won’t be 281. I won’t be 61.”

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim directed Still, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and celebrates Fox’s Life Through Interviews, Photographs, and Archival Footage. In his review of The Hollywood Reporter In , chief television critic Daniel Fienberg praised the film for its “sharp focus and unique style,” writing that it “conveys the very essence of Fox’s energy and era-defining appeal.”

Visited THR at Sundance during in January studio, Fox explained that he did not want to place any restrictions on the footage that the Guggenheim felt compelled to include. Fox said at the time, “This is a movie about my life, and if we’re going to be authentic about it, let the filmmakers have access to it.”

Still: Michael J. Fox Movie Available in May on Apple TV+.




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