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Michaud Film Festival co-founders celebrate fifth anniversary: ​​'We aspire to create a transformative experience'

Founded five years ago by college friends Courtney L. Branch and Noel Braham, the Micheaux Film Festival Designed to spotlight diverse and underrepresented creators, but limited to a one-day event.

“Really, [we] just wanted to use this as a proof of concept to see if this is something people want, something they need,” Blanche told The Hollywood Reporter . “They responded.”

The week-long festival, which ends on Sunday, is a testament to the extent of its development and the diversity of projects involved. Major premieres include Scrap, a homeless film starring Vivian Kerr and Anthony Rapp Homecoming single mom movie; Good Eggs about a woman struggling with infertility who gets tangled up with a cheater; and about the city Documentary about the impact of gun violence Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia.

Also showing Gran Turismo, August release starring Orlando Bloom ,

“We aspired to create a transformative experience, not a transactional one, [like], ‘Hey, thanks for the movie , you know, have a good day,'” Brabham said. “We want our community to remain in lockdown after this because they are now part of our family, both metaphorically and literally.”

The festival, taking place in downtown Los Angeles and Culver City, is named after Oscar Micheaux, credited as the first major black filmmaker . He released films starring black geniuses at the turn of the 20 century. Both founders say he has been an inspiration for their vision.

“When we just look at Micheaux’s legacy, you know, from 20 to 11, allowing him to direct, produce and distribute 20 feature films on his own, which he has done while operating outside the traditional Hollywood commercial financing system,” Brabham said.

While it is important to focus on black talent, the Michaux Film Festival was created to bring “all filmmakers, regardless of age, race, former background or perspective, together and celebrate their unique Art,” Brabham said.

Some of the films at the festival include Diva, a film about how one can become a star Story.Hollywood; The Bloom, a film about an Olympic story about an animatronic flower about to explode; Battle Zone H Mart, a project about the gruesome encounters of Asian women in supermarkets; and Autopilot, by Jennifer Zang, which Branch Described as “Amazing sci-fi, stunning VFX, and a really cool story. Very, very timely about what to do if artificial intelligence decides to go crazy on us.

In addition to the film screenings, there are groups, one dedicated to creating social impact through film and another teaching aspiring actors, especially people of color, to enter the industry.

“We know representation isn’t always what we want it to be, but being able to focus and show those who are knocking on those doors, breaking down these barriers and being able to do that is what Blanche said.

The festival is also working with various homeless advocacy groups such as Hollywood’s Covenant House to hire and mentor young homeless people and show that there are more roles available for them More important than writers, actors or directors.

“So, really, what we’re trying to do is broaden their horizons and let them know and see and understand all the different opportunities that this city has,” said Brabham, who was Experienced homelessness once when moving to Los Angeles.

“I had to live in the car for a while. You know, I’m just trying to make ends meet and pursue my dreams,” he said. is a true full circle moment when God not only provides us with righteous grace and execution, but most importantly, warms his people and gives back in a genuine way. “



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