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Michelle Pfeiffer, 64, Proves the Timeless Appeal of a Straight Bob

Today, the age-old beauty mandate about women cutting their hair short once they reach a certain age is rightly dismissed. Case in point: Actress Michelle Pfeiffer recently styled her blonde locks in a straightforward, directional lob.

Pfeiffer’s new hairstyle, cut by Chris McMillan, also Jennifer Aniston’s longtime stylist, is chic and minimal. Straightforward cut, it’s an understated cut—no styling required.

“Sometimes a simple blunt cut at the collarbone is enough,” McMillan wrote on Instagram. “I always like to judge length by body shape and face shape. Sometimes keeping it simple can make a huge difference.”

Pfeiffer’s hair is lighter and shinier, and her new look is fresh and cool And a little avant-garde. While the year-old had previously worn skirts in midi lengths, the new style brought a certain youthful edge to her look. It will inspire your next hairstyle no matter your age.




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