Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Michelle Tea's New Memoir Queer Fertility Narrative

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If you’ve ever spent time dabbling in the chaotic waters of IVF discussions, you probably already know how difficult it can be to find a place in the conversation if you’re not a straight, white, cisgender person. Fortunately, writers like Maggie Nelson and Evette Dionne have long worked to demystify the process and offer a more inclusive perspective—and this month, author, poet, and organizer Michelle Tea joins them The ranks of her new memoir

Tea’s story certainly has setbacks, but also lots of joy – considering All the pessimistic stats out there regarding the likelihood of pregnancy via IVF (especially more than

age ), it feels both inspiring and a little radical to see Tea so determined to build the family she longs for – even if it’s not easy. Vogue recently talked to Tea about coming to appreciate her body after pregnancy, dealing with roast-in Queerphobia in IVF, and the Fall of