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Michelle Yeoh on Her Meaningful, Award-Winning Golden Globes Night

Yeoh allowed Vogue to be a part of her red carpet prep process before her main stage triumph. The star chose a strapless Armani Privé gown for the nuptials, which featured a peplum and was covered in dazzling midnight blue sequins. “I love everything about it,” Yang said. “When I first saw it, the bold colors, [and] the intricate crystal and silhouette details really drew me in. It feels timeless, but still cool and a bit modern. For me, Armani has always been A standout on the rug.”

She adorned it with diamond jewelry from Moussaieff Jewelers A statement piece, including a pair of pear, cushion and round diamonds. She also wore a bracelet made of emeralds, baguette and round diamonds, and a diamond ring. “I love jewelry,” Yang said. “We both love jewelry. These pieces were selected by my friend Alisa Moussaieff for many years. I am always impressed by how classic, timeless and beautiful Moussaieff jewelry is. Every piece is so unique and special, necklaces, The bracelet and ring made the look glamorous and elegant, it was my wildest dream!”

Check out how Yeoh is prepping for the Golden Globes.



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