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Michelle Yeoh's Latest Outfit Is of “Everything, Everywhere All at Once”

Michelle Yeoh entered the multiverse of kaleidoscopic and indelible red carpet attire. The famous actor attended the annual Palm Springs International Film Festival in an absurd outfit on Thursday night. leaps and bounds.

from Schiaparelli’s 2022 fall couture collection, the look is in the spirit of Yeoh’s acclaimed performance in this absurd action flick Yes, she travels across multiple universes and battles bizarre creatures. Yeoh tweaked the Daniel Roseberry ensemble slightly, wearing opaque black leggings with a voluminous satin skirt (similar to a rose) and a sequined and gemstone-embellished Structured crop top in orange. Salvador Dalí and Parisian elegance.

Yeoh deftly transforms herself into a “Schiaparelli girl” in exhilarating awards circuit for Everything Everywhere “. Over the past few months, she’s made every aspect of Roseberry’s signature elements her own: oversized hats, surreal jewelry, tailored A-line gowns. If there’s one universe in which Yeoh feels at home this awards season, it seems to be Rosenberry’s indisputably unique one.




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