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Mid-2022: Red waves never peaked

The pre-election projections are neat and predictable: Amid economic uncertainty and a sitting Democratic president, the so-called red wave of Republican support is almost certain to collapse in the midterms. Don’t quote 2016, but one would think that after this shocking result, we would learn that the narrative from the cable news crystal ball and national political media is imperfect at best, sadly Yes, at worst. That disconnect was on display again Tuesday night as the doom predicted by polls and pundits (for Democrats, anyway) simply didn’t materialize. While the historic party is not grabbing congressional seats in the White House, the red wave is more of a ripple.

Amid a series of key races, 2022 Midterm elections weren’t as victorious for Republicans as they could have been — yes It’s also less painful for Democrats. Despite promises of a Republican sweep in Congress — wishful thinking, magic on Fox News? — House and Senate majorities were still up for grabs on Wednesday morning. While Republicans are expected to regain control of the House, they have only 224 seats, just six more than 224. According to the New York Times , a majority is required. This would represent the weakest midterm performance of the president’s opposition party in 40 years. If after years of trauma from Trumpism, I enjoyed a brief moment to declare Republicans politically weak, would I ignore Michelle Obama and go lower?

In the Senate, Democrats have ousted a key seat, and John Feltman beat Muhammad Oz – I feel sorry for the one he once watched Oprah – In a tight race to replace retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey. In New Hampshire, Republican Sen. Maggie Hassan kept it as Republicans sought to overthrow a seat. Three other Senate races — in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada — remain a long way off. Either side would need to win two-thirds to secure a majority, but the closeness itself is encouraging.

Why did the Republican Party fail to capture the flag? On the one hand, an unpopular president: not Joe Biden, but former President Donald Trump. Several candidates he supports have faltered completely, including Oz, Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano and Michigan governor Tudor Dixon, who lost to Democratic incumbent President Gray Jean Whitmer. Other Trump pets have found themselves in extremely tight, yet-to-be-called campaigns, like far-right Arizona gubernatorial candidate Cary Lake and conservative Colorado Rep. The incumbent president that has been shaped now faces the displeasure of Democrat Adam Frisch. Concerns that Trump-backed Republican Li Zelding could pose a legitimate threat to Democratic incumbent Kathy Hocher in New York’s gubernatorial race proved unfounded, even if Zelding wins 40% Vote – Disturbing for the staunch (thanks NYC) blue state. It should be noted, however, that Zeldin played down Trump’s support.



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