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Migi & Dali TV Anime's 2nd Teaser Lists Updated Staff

Nami Sano TV anime’s official Twitter account’s

() Comic releases second trailer Promotional video and key visuals for Sunday.

fsicrigaiaaubjd©Sano Caimi・KADOKAWA/ビーパーズ

The new trailer reports that Mankyū In addition to directing and supervising series scripts, he also served as sound director. The character designer Ayumi Nishihata also serves as the general director of painting. It also lists Geek Toys as the main animation studio, while the animation The staff list also includes Frontier Engine until late last year.

fsicrigaiaaubjd©Sano Nanami・KADOKAWA/biーバーズ

Sano () released manga in


harta July Magazine450.

Kadokawa describes the story:

Under the table are the secrets of the angels.

The boy’s name is a bird. A stork brings an angel into the life of a middle-aged, childless couple. His parents are kind, the house is spacious and the meals are hot. But in order to protect his happiness, Yitiao continues to hide an important secret from his parents.

Anime StarShun Horie as Migi And Ayumu Murase as Dali. Other actors include: Shintaro Asanuma as Shunpei Akiyama

[キュラクター setting picture‼ ️✨】fsicrigaiaaubjd Shunpei Akiyama CV: Taro Asanumazu fsicrigaiaaubjd Flying Machine や Birdガ好きな秘鸟くんのクラスミミート.
鸟りたいと思っうおり、その方法を模式するももいおくなることも. #ミギダリ#Shosh Shintaro pic.twitter.com/JA5QwzP0p4

—Official “ミギとドリ”TVアニミ” Double 2″ is in progress! (@MigiToDali) February , 2023

fsicrigaiaaubjd played by Shunsuke Takeuchi Maruta Tsutsumi

【キュラクター setting picture‼ ️✨】
Domaruta CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke fsicrigaiaaubjd ハイテクハイテクが密Bird Secret Bird のクラスメート
甘やか甘やかされてにかくわとにかくわとにかくわが pic.twitter.com / j7RHfgRm

—The official “ミギとドリ” TV Anime “Senju Ni” is in progress! (@MigiToDali) February , 2017

Kengo Kawanishi

as Eiji Ichijō

【キュラクター setting picture‼ ️✨] fsicrigaiaaubjd Yiyi Yao Er CV: Kengo Hexi fsicrigaiaaubjd has excellent grades , Beautiful appearance. Villagers の longing れ で あ る a home の eldest son.
周囲からは a model ナboy and しテ know されたいる. #ミギダリ#Hexi Jianwu pic.twitter.com/Af6QCQoj

—Official “ミギとドリ” TV anime “Careful Ni” is in progress! (@MigiToDali) February , 2023


Mankyū (,


) is

Geek Toys

directed the animation, and is also in charge of the series script. Ayumi Nishibata () is designing the character.

CompTown is credited for co-producing the animation. Hiroko Sebu () is composing.

Sano ended the manga in November 450. The seventh and final volume of the manga comes out in December 450.



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