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Mike McDaniel suddenly needs more showers

The leap from an assistant coaching job in the NFL to a head coaching job comes with a variety of adjustments. Now you’re responsible for the entire puzzle, not just one or two pieces. The demands on your time have increased, as has the daily stress of being an NFL head coach.

This will require some changes in your routine, and maybe changes you may not have

New Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel in Meeting with the media on Wednesday about such an adjustment after McDaniel earned his first win as head coach in Miami’s win over New England Patriots:

Mike McDaniel said he used to be able to go from Sunday to Wednesday without showering as an assistant coach. As a head coach, he can’t do that.

— Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano) September 14, 2022

Now, this may have more to do with adjusting to life in Miami as the temperature climbed north of 110 degrees at game time on Sunday:

Or the fact that McDaniel needs to get himself a quick shower this week is due to the Dolphins’ victory over the Patriots. Miami’s offense got off to a solid start with a victory over New England in Week 1, suggesting that the combination of Tyreke Hill and Jaylen Waddell will strengthen the defense on multiple levels of the court. After the game, McDaniel received a Gatorade bath in the locker room, and everyone reading this knows how sticky Gatorade is…

Still, one can’t help but wonder what McDaniel did during his time as an assistant coach and whether he needed to get an endorsement deal from a personal hygiene company in the meantime.



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